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MTG June 2022 Monthly Announcement Day: Pioneer Challenger Decks, Game Night: Free-For-All

Each month, the official Magic: The Gathering’s Weekly MTG stream has an Announcement Day where they show a sneak peek at some upcoming products. For June 2022, we have two new products that are showcased – Game Night: Free-For-All, and the 2022 Pioneer Challenger Decks!

You can check out the full video below:

Game Night: Free-For-All

Magic Game Night is an out-of-the-box introductory multiplayer Magic experience in a way similar to Planeswalker Decks, but for multiplayer. It will be released “later this year”, with five brand new eternal legal (such as Legacy, Vintage, and Commander) cards.

Game Night Free-For-All
  • Zamriel, Seraph of Steel
  • Maeve, Insidious Singer
  • Vogar, Necropolis Tyrant
  • Nogi, Draco-Zealot
  • Imaryll, Elfhame Elite

Pioneer Challenger Decks

Challenger Decks for Pioneer are returning in 2022: These are a set of preconstructed decks designed for tabletop players that wish to start competitive tournament play right out of the box for the Pioneer format. There are four decks in total, containing a 60-card main deck, 15-card sideboard, as well their associated tokens. Check out our reactions from the Playing Pioneer team:

Inadvertently, it was leaked early on Amazon, but is planned to be released later this year in October 14th and full decklists to be revealed before this time. This will be another great chance for staple reprints, though the quality of the archetype selection may be up for debate. With Pioneer experiencing some recent bans to Winota, Joiner of Forces and Expressive Iteration, these may also have been changed last minute.

Pioneer Challenger Decks
  • Pioneer Dimir Control
  • Pioneer Orzhov Humans
  • Pioneer Izzet Phoenix
  • Pioneer Gruul Stompy

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