What Standard Decks You Should Play at the Mythic Qualifier Weekend and Why

What Standard Decks You Should Play at the Mythic Qualifier Weekend and Why
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Hello everyone! May’s Standard MIQ is coming up tomorrow and there are plenty of options to consider going into it. What are you best at, what’s the meta looking like, what decks are popular, and so on. Unless you’re playing an egregious amount, it can be hard to know all these factors to make the most informed decision, but thankfully, I play an egregious amount! I’ve played hours upon hours of Standard both to have a good grasp of the metagame and to have a feel of what decks I think are going to perform well going into the MIQ. These are all my personal opinions and a lot of this advice is predicated on you could play any of these decks well. If there’s a particula...

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Robert "DoggertQBones" Lee is a streamer and high ranked Arena player. He has one GP Top 8 and pioneered popular archetypes like UB 8 Shark, UB Yorion, GW Company in Historic, and Temur Koma in Historic. Beyond Magic, his passions are writing and teaching! Twitch Discord