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Today we have a minor update to MTG Arena, that addresses a number of bugs introduced in the last update. We are also getting some undocumented changes to the drafting bots, as well as an updated ban list for the upcoming Plane-cation Chronicles event.


  • The avatar that you chose will now be displayed correctly to your opponent in Direct Challenge.
  • The Mu Yanling sleeve will now display correctly.
  • Pet will no longer re-enable itself after a player disables it.
  • Fixed a bug that should address a large number of gameplay issues players have been reporting, including cards getting stuck hovering above the battlefield or on the stack and the Next/Resolve button disappearing.

Developers Note: This particular issue has been very difficult for us to reproduce, so if you come across this bug again, please help us by reporting it on our bug forums with your game log files as well as your DXDiag to help us identify the problem.


Since the meta has shifted a bit since we built the ban list for the Standard Shakeup event, we’ve adjusted our ban list for the event.

We have removed:

We have added:


Our draft bots were a little under the weather, so we made a few changes.

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