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1.00.01 Patch Notes

MTG Arena has deployed a minor update that address bugs associated with Throne of Eldraine release.


  • Adventure cards with card styles applied should now display text in the proper font color when on the stack
  • Fires of Invention now properly works with God-Eternal Kefnet’s copy-cast trigger
  • Fires of Invention no longer prevents you from paying the casting cost of spells with ( X ) in its mana cost (you may choose to pay the mana cost or an alternative cost for spells you cast, even if their converted mana cost is less than or equal to the number of lands you control)
  • Set Mastery rewards now properly display when hovering over them
  • Hushbringer no longer inappropriately prevents “whenever you sacrifice a creature” triggers (an ability that triggers on an event that causes a creature to die will still trigger). Devils can cause Mayhem again!
  • (Localization) Decks exported in Japanese can now successfully be imported in Japanese
  • Closing out of the purchase flow without completing a monetary transactions no longer causes a Store Error
  • The game installer should no longer “hang”/become unresponsive when “Determining Needed Assets”
  • Duplicate rewards should no longer display after completing one or more quests
  • When applying card styles to cards that appear in a non-Standard set, you should no longer receive the warning that this card isn’t Standard playable if the card is also in a a current Standard set (i.e. applying the card style for the XLN version of Luminous Bonds. As always, you can use any version of a card and their respective card styles as long as the card also appears in a Standard-legal set)
  • Players completing the Tutorial games should no longer become stuck if they do not have a Serra Angel to the block with
  • Gilded Goose, is indeed, a goose (or a gander)

Source: OCT 3 – 1.00.01 Patch Notes

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