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Fandom Legends Week 26 Throne of Eldraine Standard Decklists


The Fandom Legends weekly Throne of Eldraine Standard tournament has now concluded! Find out what the latest decks the players brought to this tournament below to see what their choices were after the first week of the new Standard format. The last event saw the power of Bant Golos, after Bryan Gottlieb took the first place crown as other decks struggled to beat its grindy nature, consistency and inevitability.

This week, Caleb D takes the crown with this version of the Bant Ramp deck that highlights Nissa, Who Shakes the World which is still a card to be reckoned with. All three Golos, Tireless Pilgrim decks made the top 8 with last week’s Bryan Gottlieb going undefeated in the Swiss portion of the event.


Player NameDecklistRankingRecord
Caleb DBant Ramp1st3-2
Brad NelsonBant Golos2nd3-2
AliEldraziJeskai Superfriends FiresTop 43-2
Carlos RomaoBant Golos Top 44-1
Bryan GottliebBant GolosTop 85-0
Matt NassBant MidrangeTop 84-1
Lee Shi Tian Mono White Aggro Top 83-2
Javier DominguezJeskai FiresTop 83-2
Yawgmoth Jund Adventures2-3
LewkMTGSelesnya Adventures2-3
BloodyJeskai Fires 2-3
crokeyzGolgari Adventures2-3
CovertGoBlueJeskai Fires2-3
Jim DavisSelesnya Adventures1-4
Zack BrownSelesnya Adventures1-4
WaifugateSultai Midrange0-5

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Source: Fandom Legends October 3, 2019

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