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2022.15.10 Patch Notes – Alchemy Rebalancing and Bug Fixes

MTG Arena Patch 2022.15.10 brings several rebalances for the Alchemy format as well as important bug fixes. Check out our full review of the new card changes for this round:

Full patch notes are transcribed below.

Patch Notes – 2022.15.10

Game Update Highlights

  • A new round of rebalanced cards has been added to Alchemy
  • An all-access Alchemy event to try these new changes is now available
  • Amonkhet Remastered and Kaladesh Remastered packs have been removed from the possible rewards for Explorer events to ensure that all cards from the packs earned are Explorer Legal
  • Importing a deck that is only legal in Explorer will now properly default to Explorer

Notable General & Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where draft picks would appear to draft the wrong card until the client was restarted or would stop showing incoming draft packs
  • Fixed a bug where players on particular iOS versions could get stuck in a crash loop that would only be fixed by reinstalling
  • Fixed a bug where Direct/Friend Challenge matches were not granting quest progress
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Android users from properly connecting to Direct/Friend Challenges
  • Fixed a bug where the “GG” Sticker Emote for Streets of New Capenna did not display properly in the menus
  • Fixed a bug where some text around store packs was mangled in French
  • Fixed a bug where cards like Seven Dwarves (“A deck can have up to seven cards named …”) did not allow multiple copies during deckbuilding
  • Fixed a bug where Riveteers Charm and Unlucky Witness would allow cards to be played longer than intended
  • Fixed a bug with Grisly Sigil where it would count all damage, not just non-combat damage
  • Fixed a bug where Falco Spara, Pactweaver would get a bit too greedy, charging double for X-cost spells cast from the top of the library
  • Fixed a rare bug with Goldspan Dragon and multiple Glittering Stockpiles

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