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Niambi, Beloved Protector Art by Julia Metzger - Alchemy Dominaria

2022.20.0 Patch Notes – Alchemy: Dominaria Game Update

MTG Arena patch 2022.20.0 brings 30 new Alchemy: Dominaria cards, rebalances, collection progress tracking, and more.

The full patch notes for the MTG Arena Alchemy: Dominaria game update brings 30 new cards to Alchemy and Historic, some rebalances for Historic and Streets of New Capenna limited (see here for details), collection progress tracking, more stuff to buy (including Warhammer 40,000 cosmetics that cost real money rather than Gems and Gold), and as always, a bunch of fixes and improvements. For further information about the update and upcoming events, check out our dedicated set guide.

The update otherwise went smoothly, other than an issue with players being able to enter draft events and as the queues were turned off, players in the middle of drafts were forced to retire. Please report any issues directly to Wizards of the Coast Support if you didn’t receive a refund for your lost draft.

In addition, please remember to claim your 3 free Alchemy: Dominaria packs using the code PlayDMUA! Even if you don’t use the cards, being able to progress your Wildcard track is always useful nonetheless.

Patch Notes 2022.20.0

Game Update Highlights

  • Alchemy: Dominaria is here! Reinforce your deck and show off how you play Magic with new cards from Alchemy: Dominaria and Unfinity Avatars!
  • We now have an in-game way to track the progress of your collection! Go to Profile, click the “Set Collection” button, and you can see your progress across all of the full sets on Arena
    • The system will first show your progress to 1x collection of the set, then it will flip over to tracking 4x once that’s complete
    • Click or tap on any set to see a breakdown of your progress by color and rarity
  • We have removed the rebalanced versions of: Divide by Zero, Esika's Chariot, Faceless Haven, Goldspan Dragon, and Luminarch Aspirant, returning them to their unmodified versions now that they are only playable in Historic. (Alrund's Epiphany retains its increased Foretell cost.)
  • Mobile clients now use full-resolution card art

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in draft where a card could sometimes appear in the card list as the wrong card during the draft, then pop back to being the picked card at the end
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Decks tab on mobile to improperly have it’s “Something New” dot on permanently

Upcoming MTG Arena Events

Additional events added to MTG Arena. Read the MTG Arena Weekly Announcements to learn more!


  • M21, IKO, and THB Mythic Packs have been added to the store in the Packs tab
    • Note: An earlier article said ELD Mythic Packs would be available in this build. Due to a late-discovered bug, we have had to delay releasing ELD Mythic Packs.
  • Players can now craft decks in deck folders directly
  • Tokyo lands and Dracula lands now have rarity L, meaning they’ll show up with other basic lands, instead of being Rares
  • Minor adjustments to some text in the Profile screen


  • When your opponent plays a Sheoldred (or similar card with a trigger when you draw), we will now place an automatic stop on your upkeep if you have responses
  • We’ve adjusted autotap preference so that you’re more likely to tap a creature than take damage from a pain land. If you’re running a complicated mana base CHECK YOUR TAP PREVIEW
  • Made card names easier to read on cards with the stained glass style
  • The pulse on View Battlefield is now suppressed if you’re opening a browser from inside a browser. At that point it JUST pulsed, and the extra pulses were just annoying
  • Basic lands that have gained additional intrinsic mana abilities now use the fancy mana wheel like other permanents that can tap for different types of mana
  • Updated the prompt for Liliana of the Veil‘s ultimate


Now Available


Alchemy Bundle

  • 20x Alchemy: Dominaria boosters

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Unfinity Space-ic Lands

  • Orbital Space-ic Full Art Plains
  • Orbital Space-ic Full Art Island
  • Orbital Space-ic Full Art Swamp
  • Orbital Space-ic Full Art Mountain
  • Orbital Space-ic Full Art Forest
  • Planetary Space-ic Full Art Plains
  • Planetary Space-ic Full Art Island
  • Planetary Space-ic Full Art Swamp
  • Planetary Space-ic Full Art Mountain
  • Planetary Space-ic Full Art Forest

Cost: 5,000 Gems or 25,000 Gold

Unfinity Borderless Shock Lands

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Timmy, Power Gamer Bundle

  • Timmy Avatar
  • Timmy Sleeve

Cost: 550 Gems or 2,750Gold

Johnny, Combo Player Bundle

  • Johnny Avatar 
  • Johnny Sleeve

Cost: 550 Gems or 2,750Gold

Spike, Tournament Grinder Bundle

  • Spike Avatar
  • Spike Sleeve

Cost: 550 Gems or 2,750Gold

Vorthos, Steward of Myth Bundle

  • Vorthos Avatar 
  • Vorthos Sleeve 

Cost: 550 Gems or 2,750Gold

Squee Pet Bundle

Cost: 2,350 Gems or 11,750 Gold

Spooky Scary Transforming Sleeves

  • Arlinn Transforming Sleeve 
  • Lucy Westenra Transforming Sleeve

Cost: 1,200 Gems or 7,750 Gold

Alchemy Styles: Time and Tide

Cost: 1,750 Gems or 7,750 Gold

Alchemy Styles: Growth and Decay

Cost: 1,000 Gems or 8,000 Gold

Alchemy Styles: Unite the Coalition

Cost: 1,650 Gems or 8,250 Gold

Alchemy Styles: Arms and Artifice

Cost: 1,750 Gems or 7,750 Gold

Card Styles

Now available for purchase through the Deckbuilder:

Depth Art:

Coalition Construct Card Style

Reezug, the Bonecobbler Card Style

Smogbelcher Chariot Card Style

Darigaaz's Whelp Card Style

Diminished Returner Card Style

Marwyn's Kindred Card Style

Nantuko Slicer Card Style

Vinesoul Spider Card Style

Wandering Treefolk Card Style

Ghitu Embercoiler Card Style

Goblin Influx Array Card Style

Goblin Morale Sergeant Card Style

Spellchain Scatter Card Style

Oracle of the Alpha Card Style

Skywriter Djinn Card Style

Trove Mage Card Style

Vesuvan Mist Card Style

Priest of Possibility Card Style

Benalish Knight-CounselorCard Style

Pull of the Mist Moon Card Style

Darigaaz, Shivan Champion Card Style

Protean War Engine Card Style

Arvad, Weatherlight Smuggler Card Style

Bloodsprout TalismanCard Style

Juggernaut Peddler Card Style

Niambi, Beloved Protector Card Style

Slimefoot, Thallid Transplant Card Style

Teferi's ContingencyCard Style

Tiana, Angelic Mechanic Card Style

Vodalian Tide Mage Card Style

Showcase Styles

Squee, Dubious Monarch Card Style

Phyrexian Styles

Ajani, Sleeper Agent Card Style

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where the Orb rewards weren’t displaying properly when hovered over on the Mastery Track
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Renewal Egg to show up in screens where it shouldn’t (Also, it won’t show back up for ~10 months anyway, but when it does it will only be on the proper screen)
  • Fixed a typo on the Advanced Filters screen
  • Starter decks now appear correctly as Alchemy instead of Standard


  • Fixed an issue where Verdant Mastery was putting land cards you’d put on the battlefield back into your hand
  • If additional creatures were cast by Serra Paragon while other creatures cast with it are still alive, the still alive creatures gained an additional instance of the ability. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the “won’t untap” chains on cards in-game could cover counters on those cards
  • Fixed a bug where the Domain VFX on the stack could cover the Domain badge
  • Fixed a bug where the “damaged slashes” on cards in game could layer inappropriately
  • Fixed an issue where Faceless Agent was pulling non-changelings before changelings. I know some of you were playing decks that took advantage of this, and I want you to know I’m not sorry
  • Fixed a bug that caused Serra Paragon’s exile trigger for permanents cast from your graveyard to not be properly applied/granted to creatures cast with Mutate or to the resulting Mutate stack
  • Split cards and cards with Aftermath were showing elements of the wrong facet in each side. Fixed!
  • Most vehicles show summoning sickness even as artifacts, but Weatherlight Compleated didn’t. Probably something with the lack of a crew ability. Anyway, now it does!
  • Fixed an issue with creature Gideon looking all wonky on the Battlefield
  • Okay, so! If you have a mutate pile and then you use Metamorphic Alteration to make that pile a copy of an Old Growth Troll, and then it dies, and you attach each of the cards from the pile to forests, it will display additional instances of the abilities. Now, it doesn’t MATTER, because you can’t activate more than one of them, but maybe someday it would matter, so we fixed it
  • Fixed an issue where some class abilities showed up twice on Class Enchantments higher levels
  • Fixed an issue where, if a rebalanced card used its own name more than once, the second usage would often not have the stylized “A” in front
  • Fixed an issue where when Choking Miasma killed every creature we still played individual death animations instead of the Everyone Died animation
  • Classes and Sagas that have been animated as creatures had slightly offset highlights. Now your Zur deck will look totally reasonable while a creature that is also the concept of being a Wizard starts punching someone
  • Fixed an issue where Anointed Peacekeeper’s mini-CDC had “CARDNAME” instead of the card’s name
  • Fixed an issue where a handful of hangers were blank in non-english languages
  • MDFC reminder text has been fixed
  • Fixed a translation issue with Liliana of the Veil’s -6 ability
  • Fixed issue with mistranslation of Planeswalker type in some languages

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