Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Dungeons & Dragons (DND): Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR) Spoilers

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR) is the 88th Magic: The Gathring expansion. This crossover set takes place on the most popular Dungeons & Dragons setting, bringing the storytelling and roleplaying of the world’s greatest roleplaying game to Magic through every card (including the basic lands!).

The expansion releases first to MTG Arena on July 8th, 2021 and in local game stores worldwide on July 23rd, 2021. Official previews start on June 29th, 2021. In this page, you will find all the latest spoilers and the complete card list. It is categorized into seven different categories of cards:

New Cards

Main Set

The set contains 281 regular cards, including 20 basic lands.

AFR 001 +2 Mace Main
AFR 002 Arborea Pegasus Main
AFR 003 Blink Dog Main
AFR 004 The Book of Exalted Deeds Main
AFR 005 Celestial Unicorn Main
AFR 006 Cleric Class Main
AFR 007 Cloister Gargolye Main
AFR 008 Dancing Sword Main
AFR 009 Dawnbringer Cleric Main
AFR 010 Delver's Torch Main
AFR 011 Devoted Paladin Main
AFR 012 Divine Smite Main
AFR 013 Dragon’s Disciple Main
AFR 014 Dwarfhold Champion Main
AFR 015 Flumph Main
AFR 016 Gloom Stalker Main
AFR 017 Grand Master of Flowers Main
AFR 018 Guardian of Faith Main
AFR 019 Half-Elf Monk Main
AFR 020 Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant Main
AFR 021 Ingenious Smith Main
AFR 022 Keen-Eared Sentry Main
AFR 023 Loyal Warhound Main
AFR 024 Minimus Containment Main
AFR 025 Monk of the Open Hand Main
AFR 026 Moon-Blessed Cleric Main
AFR 027 Nadaar, Selfless Paladin Main
AFR 028 Oswald Fiddlebender Main
AFR 029 Paladin Class Main
AFR 030 Paladin's Shield Main
AFR 031 Planar Ally Main
AFR 032 Plate Armor Main
AFR 033 Portable Hole Main
AFR 034 Potion of Healing Main
AFR 035 Priest of Ancient Lore Main
AFR 036 Rally Maneuver Main
AFR 037 Ranger's Hawk Main
AFR 038 Steadfast Paladin Main
AFR 039 Teleportation Circle Main
AFR 040 Veteran Dungeoneer Main
AFR 041 White Dragon Main
AFR 042 You Hear Something on Watch Main
AFR 043 You're Ambushed on the Road Main
AFR 044 Aberrant Mind Sorcerer Main
AFR 045 Air-Cult Elemental Main
AFR 046 Arcane Investigator Main
AFR 047 Bar the Gate Main
AFR 048 The Blackstaff of Waterdeep Main
AFR 049 Blue Dragon Main
AFR 050 Charmed Sleep Main
AFR 051 Clever Conjurer Main
AFR 052 Contact Other Plane Main
AFR 053 Demilich Main
AFR 054 Displacer Beast Main
AFR 055 Djinni Windseer Main
AFR 056 Dragon Turtle Main
AFR 057 Eccentric Apprentice Main
AFR 058 Feywild Trickster Main
AFR 059 Fly Main
AFR 060 Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar Main
AFR 061 Guild Thief Main
AFR 062 Iymrith, Desert Doom Main
AFR 063 Mind Flayer Main
AFR 064 Mordenkainen Main
AFR 065 Mordenkainen's Polymorph Main
AFR 066 Pixie Guide Main
AFR 067 Power of Persuasion Main
AFR 068 Ray of Frost Main
AFR 069 Rimeshield Frost Giant Main
AFR 070 Scion of Stygia Main
AFR 071 Secret Door Main
AFR 072 Shocking Grasp Main
AFR 073 Shortcut Seeker Main
AFR 074 Silver Raven Main
AFR 075 Soulknife Spy Main
AFR 076 Split the Party Main
AFR 077 Sudden Insight Main
AFR 078 Tasha's Hideous Laughter Main
AFR 079 Trickster's Talisman Main
AFR 080 True Polymorph Main
AFR 081 Wizard Class Main
AFR 082 Wizard's Spellbook Main
AFR 083 You Come to a River Main
AFR 084 You Find the Villan's Lair Main
AFR 085 You See a Guard Approach Main
AFR 086 Yuan-Ti Malison Main
AFR 087 Acererack the Archlich Main
AFR 088 Asmodeus the Archfiend Main
AFR 089 Baleful Beholder Main
AFR 090 Black Dragon Main
AFR 091 The Book of Vile Darkness Main
AFR 092 Check for Traps Main
AFR 093 Clattering Skeletons Main
AFR 094 Deadly Dispute Main
AFR 095 Death-Priest of Myrkul Main
AFR 096 Demogorgon's Clutches Main
AFR 097 Devour Intellect Main
AFR 098 Drider Main
AFR 099 Dungeon Crawler Main
AFR 100 Ebondeath, Dracolich Main
AFR 101 Eyes of the Beholder Main
AFR 102 Fate's Reversal Main
AFR 103 Feign Death Main
AFR 104 Forsworn Paladin Main
AFR 105 Gelatinous Cube Main
AFR 106 Grim Bounty Main
AFR 107 Grim Wanderer Main
AFR 108 Herald of Hadar Main
AFR 109 Hired Hexblade Main
AFR 110 Hoard Robber Main
AFR 111 Lightfoot Rogue Main
AFR 112 Lolth, Spider Queen Main
AFR 113 Manticore Main
AFR 114 Power Word Kill Main
AFR 115 Preciptious Drop Main
AFR 116 Ray of Enfeeblement Main
AFR 117 Reaper's Talisman Main
AFR 118 Sepulcher Ghoul Main
AFR 119 Shambling Ghast Main
AFR 120 Skullport Merchant Main
AFR 121 Sphere of Annihilation Main
AFR 122 Theive's Tools Main
AFR 123 Vampire Spawn Main
AFR 124 Vorpal Sword Main
AFR 125 Warlock Class Main
AFR 126 Westgate Regent Main
AFR 127 Wight Main
AFR 128 Yuan-Ti Fang-Blade Main
AFR 129 Zombie Ogre Main
AFR 130 Armory Veteran Main
AFR 131 Barbarian Class Main
AFR 132 Battle Cry Goblin Main
AFR 133 Boots of Speed Main
AFR 134 Brazen Dwarf Main
AFR 135 Burning Hands Main
AFR 136 Chaos Channeler Main
AFR 137 Critical Hit Main
AFR 138 Delina Wild Mage Main
AFR 139 Dragon's Fire Main
AFR 140 Dueling Rapier Main
AFR 141 Earth-Cult Elemental Main
AFR 142 Farideh's Fireball Main
AFR 143 Flameskull Main
AFR 144 Goblin Javelineer Main
AFR 145 Goblin Morningstar Main
AFR 146 Hoarding Ogre Main
AFR 147 Hobgoblin Bandit Lord Main
AFR 148 Hobgoblin Captain Main
AFR 149 Hulking Bugbear Main
AFR 150 Improvised Weaponry Main
AFR 151 Inferno of the Star Mounts Main
AFR 152 Jaded Sell-Sword Main
AFR 153 Kick in the Door Main
AFR 154 Magic Missile Main
AFR 155 Meteor Swarm Main
AFR 156 Minion of the Mighty Main
AFR 157 Orb of Dragonkind Main
AFR 158 Plundering Barbarian Main
AFR 159 Price of Loyalty Main
AFR 160 Red Dragon Main
AFR 161 Rust Monster Main
AFR 162 Swarming Goblins Main
AFR 163 Tiger-Tribe Hunter Main
AFR 164 Unexpected Windfall Main
AFR 165 Valor Singer Main
AFR 166 Wish Main
AFR 167 Xorn Main
AFR 168 You Come to the Gnoll Camp Main
AFR 169 You Find Some Prisoners Main
AFR 170 You See a Pair of Goblins Main
AFR 171 Zalto Fire Giant Duke Main
AFR 172 Zariel, Archduke of Avernus Main
AFR 173 Bulette Main
AFR 174 Bull's Strength Main
AFR 175 Choose Your Weapon Main
AFR 176 Circle of Dreams Druid Main
AFR 177 Circle of the Moon Druid Main
AFR 178 Compelled Duel Main
AFR 179 Dire Wolf Prowler Main
AFR 180 Druid Class Main
AFR 181 Ellywick Tumblestrum Main
AFR 182 Elturgard Ranger Main
AFR 183 Find the Path Main
AFR 184 Froghemoth Main
AFR 185 Gnoll Hunter Main
AFR 186 Green Dragon Main
AFR 187 Hill Giant Herdgorger Main
AFR 188 Hunter's Mark Main
AFR 189 Inspiring Bard Main
AFR 190 Instrument of the Bards Main
AFR 191 Intrepid Outlander Main
AFR 192 Loathsome Troll Main
AFR 193 Long Rest Main
AFR 194 Lurking Roper Main
AFR 195 Neverwinter Dryad Main
AFR 196 Ochre Jelly Main
AFR 197 Old Gnawbone Main
AFR 198 Owlbear Main
AFR 199 Plummet Main
AFR 200 Prosperous Innkeeper Main
AFR 201 Purple Worm Main
AFR 202 Ranger Class Main
AFR 203 Ranger's Longbow Main
AFR 204 Scaled Herbalist Main
AFR 205 Spoils of the Hunt Main
AFR 206 Sylvan Shepherd Main
AFR 207 The Tarrasque Main
AFR 208 Underdark Basilisk Main
AFR 209 Varis Silverymoon Ranger Main
AFR 210 Wandering Troubadour Main
AFR 211 Werewolf Pack Leader Main
AFR 212 Wild Shape Main
AFR 213 You Find a Cursed Idol Main
AFR 214 You Happen Upon a Glade Main
AFR 215 You Meet in a Tavern Main
AFR 216 Adult Gold Dragon Main
AFR 217 Bard Class Main
AFR 218 Barrowin of Clan Undurr Main
AFR 219 Bruenor Battlehammer Main
AFR 220 Drizzt Do'Urden Main
AFR 221 Farideh Main
AFR 222 Fighter Class Main
AFR 224 Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker Main
AFR 225 Kalain, Reclusive Painter Main
AFR 226 Krydle of Baldur's Gate Main
AFR 227 Minsc, Beloved Ranger Main
AFR 228 Monk Class Main
AFR 229 Orcus Prince of Undeath Main
AFR 230 Rogue Class Main
AFR 231 Shessra Deather's Whisper Main
AFR 232 Skeletal Swarming Main
AFR 233 Sorcerer Class Main
AFR 234 Targ Nar Demon-Fang Gnoll Main
AFR 235 Tiamat Main
AFR 236 Trelassara Moon Dancer Main
AFR 237 Triumphant Adventurer Main
AFR 238 Volo Guide to Monsters Main
AFR 239 Xanathar, Guild Kingpin Main
AFR 240 Bag of Holding Main
AFR 241 The Deck of Many Things Main
AFR 242 Dungeon Map Main
AFR 243 Eye of Vecna Main
AFR 244 Fifty Feet of Rope Main
AFR 245 Greataxe Main
AFR 246 Hand of Vecna Main
AFR 247 Iron Golem Main
AFR 248 Leather Armor Main
AFR 249 Mimic Main
AFR 250 Spare Dagger Main
AFR 251 Spiked Pit Trap Main
AFR 252 Treasure Chest Main
AFR 253 Cave of the Frost Dragon Main
AFR 254 Den of the Bugbear Main
AFR 255 Dungeon Descent Main
AFR 256 Evolving Wilds Main
AFR 257 Hall of the Storm Giants Main
AFR 258 Hive of the Eye Tyrant Main
AFR 259 Lair of the Hydra Main
AFR 260 Temple of the Dragon Queen Main
AFR 261 Treasure Vault Main
AFR 262 Plains Main
AFR 263 Plains Main
AFR 264 Plains Main
AFR 265 Plains Main
AFR 266 Island Main
AFR 267 Island Main
AFR 268 Island Main
AFR 269 Island Main
AFR 270 Swamp Main
AFR 271 Swamp Main
AFR 272 Swamp Main
AFR 273 Swamp Main
AFR 274 Mountain Main
AFR 275 Mountain Main
AFR 276 Mountain Main
AFR 277 Mountain Main
AFR 278 Forest Main
AFR 279 Forest Main
AFR 280 Forest Main
AFR 281 Forest Main

Tokens and Dungeons

AFR contains a new mechanic “Dungeons” that all players have access to and the reference card is included with the regular tokens.

AFR 020 Dungeon of the Mad Mage Token
AFR 021 Lost Mine of Phandelver Token
AFR 022 Tomb of Annihilation Token


Borderless cards are alternate-art variants of the Dragons in the set, available as card styles in MTG Arena.

AFR 283 Grand Master of Flowers Borderless
AFR 283 Mordenkainen Borderless
AFR 284 Lolth, Spider Queen Borderless
AFR 285 Zariel Archduke of Avernus Borderless
AFR 286 Ellywick Tumblestrum Borderless
AFR 287 Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant Borderless
AFR 288 White Dragon Borderless
AFR 289 Blue Dragon Borderless
AFR 290 Iymrith, Desert Doom Borderless
AFR 291 Black Dragon Borderless
AFR 292 Ebondeath, Dracolich Borderless
AFR 293 Inferno of the Star Mounts Borderless
AFR 294 Red Dragon Borderless
AFR 295 Green Dragon Borderless
AFR 296 Old Gnawbones Borderless
AFR 297 Adult Gold Dragon Borderless
AFR 298 Tiamat Borderless


Showcase cards are alternate-art variants with a special frame treatment of the classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters in the set, available as card styles in MTG Arena.

AFR 299 Arborea Pegasus Showcase
AFR 301 Celestial Unicorn Showcase
AFR 302 Cloister Gargoyle Showcase
AFR 303 Nadaar, Selfless Paladin Showcase
AFR 304 Oswald Fiddlebender Showcase
AFR 305 Displacer Beast Showcase
AFR 306 Djinni Windseer Showcase
AFR 307 Dragon Turtle Showcase
AFR 308 Mind Flayer Showcase
AFR 309 Pixie Guide Showcase
AFR 310 Rimeshield Frost Giant Showcase
AFR 311 Baleful Beholder Showcase
AFR 312 Clattering Skeletons Showcase
AFR 313 Gelatinous Cube Showcase
AFR 314 Manticore Showcase
AFR 315 West Gate Regent Showcase
AFR 316 Wight Showcase
AFR 317 Delina, Wild Mage Showcase
AFR 318 Goblin Javelineer Showcase
AFR 319 Hulking Bugbear Showcase
AFR 320 Minion of the Mighty Showcase
AFR 321 Rust Monster Showcase
AFR 322 Xorn Showcase
AFR 323 Zalto Fire Giant Duke Showcase
AFR 324 Bulette Showcase
AFR 325 Dire Wolf Prowler Showcase
AFR 326 Gnoll Hunter Showcase
AFR 327 Loathsome Troll Showcase
AFR 328 Lurking Roper Showcase
AFR 330 Ochre Jelly Showcase
AFR 331 Owlbear Showcase
AFR 332 Purple Worm Showcase
AFR 333 The Terrasque Showcase
AFR 334 Underdark Basilisk Showcase
AFR 335 Varis Silverymoon Ranger Showcase
AFR 336 Barrowin of Clan Undurr Showcase
AFR 337 Bruenor Battlehammer Showcase
AFR 338 Drizzt Do'Urden Showcase
AFR 339 Farideh Showcase
AFR 340 Gretchen Titchwillow Showcase
AFR 341 Hama Pashar Ruin Seeker Showcase
AFR 342 Kalain, Reclusive Painter Showcase
AFR 343 Krydle of Baldur's Gate Showcase
AFR 344 Minsc, Beloved Ranger Showcase
AFR 345 Shessra, Death's Whisperer Showcase
AFR 346 Trelassara, Moon Dancer Showcase
AFR 347 Volo, Guide to Monsters Showcase
AFR 348 Iron Golem Showcase
AFR 349 Mimic Showcase
AFR 350 Cave of the Frost Dragon Showcase
AFR 351 Den of the Bugbear Showcase
AFR 352 Dungeon Descent Showcase
AFR 353 Evolving Wilds Showcase
AFR 354 Hall of the Storm Giants Showcase
AFR 355 Hive of the Eye Tyrant Showcase
AFR 356 Lair of the Hydra Showcase
AFR 358 Treasure Vault Showcase

Extended Art

Extended art cards runs its art all the way to the edge of the card on the left and right side. While not specifically on MTG Arena, all cards have its corresponding card style with a similar parallax effect.

AFR 359 The Book of Exalted Deeds Extended
AFR 360 Dancing Sword Extended
AFR 361 Flumph Extended
AFR 362 Guardian of Faith Extended
AFR 364 Teleportation Circle Extended
AFR 365 The Blackstaff of Waterdeep Extended
AFR 366 Demilich Extended
AFR 367 Grazilaxx, Ithillid Scholar Extended
AFR 368 Tasha's Hideous Laughter Extended
AFR 369 True Polymorph Extended
AFR 370 Wizard's Spellbook Extended
AFR 371 Yuan-Ti Malison Extended
AFR 372 Acererack the Archlich Extended
AFR 374 The Book of Vile Darkness Extended
AFR 375 Forsworn Paladin Extended
AFR 376 Sphere of Annihilation Extended
AFR 377 Vorpal Sword Extended
AFR 378 Flameskull Extended
AFR 379 Hobgoblin Bandit Lord Extended
AFR 380 Meteor Swarm Extended
AFR 381 Orb of Dragonkind Extended
AFR 382 Wish Extended
AFR 383 Circle of Dreams Druid Extended
AFR 384 Froghemoth Extended
AFR 385 Instrument of the Bards Extended
AFR 386 Long Rest Extended
AFR 387 Werewolf Pack Leader Extended
AFR 388 Orcus, Prince of Undeath Extended
AFR 389 Skeletal Swarming Extended
AFR 390 Triumphant Adventurer Extended
AFR 391 Xanathar, Guild Kingpin Extended
AFR 392 The Deck of Many Things Extended
AFR 393 Eye of Vecna Extended
AFR 394 Hand of Vecna Extended
AFR 395 Treasure Chest Extended


The Buy-a-Box promotional card in the set is Vorpal Sword. On MTG Arena, you receive one copy of the card and its card style if you purchase the 45 pack bundle and two copies for the 90 pack bundle.

AFR 396 Vorpal Sword Promo
AFR 397 Treasure Chest Promo
AFR 398 Portable Hole Promo
AFR 399 You Find the Villain's Secret Lair Promo
AFR 400 Power Word Kill Promo
AFR 401 Magic Missile Promo
AFR 402 Prosperous Inkeeper Promo

Art Cards

Forgotten Realms Set Boosters will include a full art card showcasing one of 81 monsters from the set, including a traditional attribute block on the back, for use in a game of Dungeon & Dragons.

AFR 012 Flumph Artcard Side A
AFR 012 Flumph Artcard Side B

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