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Arena Championship 2 Metagame Breakdown and Decklists

This weekend, many of Magic’s juggernauts will be battling out to see who can take home the coveted $30,000 prize. 31 players (initially 32, but unfortunately one could not attend) will be split between draft and Historic to see who has truly mastered Arena specific formats!

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Metagame Breakdown

Deck ArchetypeNumber of PlayersPercentage of Field
Jund Midrange722.6%
Kethis Combo516.1%
Mardu Reanimator516.1%
Rakdos Midrange412.9%
Azorius Artifacts26.5%
Izzet Wizards13.2%
Jeskai Creativity13.2%
Rakdos Goblins13.2%
Esper Pact13.2%
Izzet Phoenix13.2%
Hammer Time13.2%
Grixis Midrange13.2%
Mono-White Auras13.2%


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