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Core Set 2021 Limited Tier List

Core Set 2021 (M21) Limited Tier List

MTG Arena Zone's Core Set 2021 (M21) Limited Tier List. Each card is ranked according to their value for sealed and draft formats.

Our Core Set 2021 Limited List ranks all the cards from the set to assist with picking cards for your sealed or draft deck. We have ratings for each card separated by color for Drifter (D) and Compulsion (C), who are both Mythic ranked drafters, and you can read their comprehensive pre-release set reviews using the links below the table. Full written updates will be recorded in the changelog at the bottom, but minor grade changes will be made on the fly too.

Check out this Google Sheets document for a printable version!


We’ve expanded our system of pluses and minuses from last time. Any grade except S and F can receive them now, but C+ and C- are still most common and important.

  • S: Ridiculous bomb: has a huge immediate impact on the game and threatens to dominate it if unanswered. (Luminous Broodmoth, Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate, Kiora Bests the Sea God)
  • A: Very powerful card: approaches bomb status, pulls you strongly into its colour. (A+: Shark Typhoon, A: Auspicious Starrix, A-: Blood Curdle)
  • B: Great playable: happy to pick early, pulls you into its colour. (B+: Lavabrink Venturer, B: Fire Prophecy or Farfinder in pack 1, B-: Rumbling Rockslide or Farfinder in pack 2)
  • C+: Good playable that rarely gets cut. (Gust of Wind, Boot Nipper, Raugrin Triome)
  • C: Fine playable, sometimes gets cut. (Excavation Mole, Glimmerbell, Neutralize)
  • C-: Mediocre playable or decent filler, gets cut around half the time. (Savai Sabertooth, Convolute, Raugrin Crystal)
  • D: Medium to bad filler, gets cut a lot. (D+: Frenzied Raptor, D: Serrated Scorpion, D-: Tentative Connection with no sacrifice outlets)
  • F: Mostly to totally unplayable cards. (In most but not all formats: Blazing Volley maindeck, Inspire Awe, Field of Ruin)
Siege Striker67
Selfless Savior88
Secure the Scene910
Seasoned Hallowblade57
Sanctum of Tranquil Light1211
Runed Halo913
Rambunctious Mutt1011
Pack Leader77
Nine Lives1311
Mangara, the Diplomat44
Makeshift Battalion109
Light of Promise1211
Legion’s Judgment1010
Idol of Endurance1110
Griffin Aerie128
Glorious Anthem44
Gale Swooper88
Falconer Adept99
Faith’s Fetters43
Defiant Strike1111
Daybreak Charger88
Containment Priest1110
Concordia Pegasus89
Celestial Enforcer99
Basri’s Solidarity99
Basri’s Lieutenant34
Basri’s Acolyte67
Basri Ket24
Baneslayer Angel11
Aven Gagglemaster56
Anointed Chorister89
Angelic Ascension76
Alpine Watchdog99
Speaker of the Heavens107
Staunch Shieldmate119
Swift Response76
Tempered Veteran78
Valorous Steed89
Vryn Wingmare99
Warded Battlements1210
Feat of Resistance88
Wildwood Scourge88
Warden of the Woods65
Track Down1212
Titanic Growth1111
Thrashing Brontodon78
Sporeweb Weaver65
Skyway Sniper1312
Setessan Training99
Scavenging Ooze33
Sanctum of Fruitful Harvest109
Sabertooth Mauler99
Run Afoul1313
Return to Nature1313
Ranger’s Guile1111
Quirion Dryad88
Primal Might53
Portcullis Vine1213
Ornery Dilophosaur1011
Llanowar Visionary77
Life Goes On1413
Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse54
Invigorating Surge88
Hunter’s Edge77
Heroic Intervention107
Gnarled Sage99
Garruk’s Uprising98
Garruk’s Harbinger54
Garruk’s Gorehorn1212
Garruk, Unleashed32
Fungal Rebirth98
Fierce Empath108
Feline Sovereign78
Elder Gargaroth11
Drowsing Tyrannodon77
Colossal Dreadmaw99
Canopy Stalker1111
Burlfist Oak77
Azusa, Lost but Seeking1413
Wishcoin Crab1111
Wall of Runes1111
Waker of Waves87
Vodalian Arcanist910
Tome Anima1110
Tolarian Kraken88
Tide Skimmer88
Teferi’s Tutelage64
Teferi’s Protege99
Teferi’s Ageless Insight1312
Teferi, Master of Time64
Sublime Epiphany11
Stormwing Entity54
Spined Megalodon1010
Shipwreck Dowser65
See the Truth1212
Sanctum of Calm Waters1010
Rousing Read78
Rookie Mistake1313
Roaming Ghostlight66
Read the Tides109
Rain of Revelation76
Pursued Whale87
Mistral Singer88
Lofty Denial109
Library Larcenist108
Keen Glidemaster89
Jeskai Elder98
Ghostly Pilferer78
Frost Breath1210
Frantic Inventory1110
Enthralling Hold43
Capture Sphere77
Barrin, Tolarian Archmage67
Watcher of the Spheres77
Twinblade Assassins67
Sanctum of All1313
Radha, Heart of Keld34
Obsessive Stitcher66
Niambi, Esteemed Speaker89
Lorescale Coatl55
Leafkin Avenger66
Indulging Patrician55
Experimental Overload77
Dire Fleet Warmonger88
Conclave Mentor57
Alpine Houndmaster76
Walking Corpse1112
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose34
Village Rites108
Thieves’ Guild Enforcer1311
Tavern Swindler99
Skeleton Archer88
Silversmote Ghoul77
Sanguine Indulgence1211
Sanctum of Stone Fangs55
Rise Again1111
Pestilent Haze88
Peer into the Abyss1414
Mind Rot1212
Massacre Wurm12
Masked Blackguard1010
Malefic Scythe66
Liliana’s Steward1112
Liliana’s Standard Bearer55
Liliana’s Devotee55
Liliana, Waker of the Dead33
Kitesail Freebooter77
Kaervek, the Spiteful76
Infernal Scarring1212
Hooded Blightfang55
Grim Tutor1313
Grasp of Darkness65
Gloom Sower1311
Finishing Blow77
Fetid Imp99
Demonic Embrace34
Deathbloom Thallid88
Crypt Lurker98
Carrion Grub89
Caged Zombie1010
Blood Glutton99
Bad Deal1110
Archfiend’s Vessel1312
Alchemist’s Gift1111
Witch’s Cauldron1211
Solemn Simulacrum44
Silent Dart1212
Short Sword1010
Palladium Myr88
Mazemind Tome64
Forgotten Sentinel1112
Epitaph Golem1212
Chrome Replicator88
Chromatic Orrery1414
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon41
Sparkhunter Masticore1210
Tormod's Crypt1414
Volcanic Salvo34
Volcanic Geyser77
Unleash Fury1413
Turret Ogre88
Turn to Slag89
Traitorous Greed1110
Thrill of Possibility1010
Terror of the Peaks11
Sure Strike1111
Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner66
Spellgorger Weird77
Soul Sear55
Scorching Dragonfire76
Sanctum of Shattered Heights1111
Pitchburn Devils89
Onakke Ogre1111
Kinetic Augur98
Igneous Cur109
Hellkite Punisher99
Heartfire Immolator66
Havoc Jester88
Goblin Wizardry1010
Goblin Arsonist1111
Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge46
Furor of the Bitten1211
Furious Rise77
Fiery Emancipation56
Double Vision911
Destructive Tampering1313
Crash Through1111
Conspicuous Snoop1313
Chandra’s Pyreling88
Chandra’s Magmutt88
Chandra’s Incinerator76
Chandra, Heart of Fire22
Burn Bright1313
Brash Taunter33
Bone Pit Brute109
Bolt Hound99
Battle-Rattle Shaman88
Temple of Mystery88
Temple of Malady88
Temple of Epiphany88
Swiftwater Cliffs89
Scoured Barrens89
Rugged Highlands89
Radiant Fountain1313
Jungle Hollow89
Fabled Passage88
Dismal Backwater89
Blossoming Sands89
Bloodfell Caves89
Animal Sanctuary76
Temple of Silence88
Temple of Triumph88
Thornwood Falls89
Tranquil Cove89
Wind-Scarred Crag89


I fell in love with Limited ever since I began in New Phyrexia over nine years ago. With a particular fondness for flashback and cube drafts, I’ve drafted more sets than I can count on every platform through wildly different eras. On Arena I draft infinitely, having profited 30k or so gems from it at this point, and have made top 100 mythic many times. Self-reflection and critical analysis are paramount to Limited improvement, and I try to focus on teaching and enhancing those aspects in my articles, and in each session of the Limited coaching service I provide.

Check out all my articles here or follow me on Twitter for regular updates!



I’ve played Magic off and on for the last 20 years. I just checked to confirm that and it blew my mind a little bit. I started with 6th edition and began playing ‘competitively’ with Odyssey. My handle is actually a really good Limited card from the Odyssey block. Anyway, Magic Arena got me back into the game, and I have been drafting infinitely since closed beta and have finished top 1000 Mythic nearly every ranked season.

Check out all my articles here or follow me on Twitch to catch my streams!


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