Players Tour Finals: Early Metagame Report

145 players will compete in the The Players Tour Finals over the upcoming weekend. They will fight for their share in a $250,000 prize pool and for invitations to the 2020 Season Grand Finals. The Day 1 Swiss begins tomorrow at 9 a.m. PDT.

This is also when the decklists will become available to the general public. However, today the official Magic Esports page have posted an early overview of the meta that awaits us in the upcoming tournament.

Deck ArchetypeNumber of PlayersPercentage of Field
Temur Reclamation5739.3%
Four-Color Reclamation2215.2%
Bant Ramp1711.7%
Mono-Green Aggro96.2%
Mono-White Aggro85.5%
Jund Sacrifice74.8%
Rakdos Sacrifice64.1%
Azorius Control32.1%
Esper Midrange32.1%
Sultai Ramp21.4%
Mono-Red Aggro21.4%
Bant Flash10.7%
Four-Color Yorion10.7%
Rakdos Knights10.7%
Four-Color Planeswalkers10.7%
Sultai Graveyard10.7%
Esper Doom10.7%
Mono-Black Aggro10.7%
Esper Rats10.7%
Mardu Winota10.7%

Unsurprisingly, Wilderness Reclamation variants have claimed the vast metagame share for themselves. A total of 54.5% percent of players have put their hopes into old Wilderness Reclamation + Expansion//Explosion combo, whether it is with Temur or Four-Color variant.

Bant Ramp lists have amounted to 11.7% metagame share, Sultai Ramp – to 1.4%. What all of these four archetypes have in common is that they rely on Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath and Growth Spiral. Together with Breeding Pool, once again these inclusions form the trio of the most-played cards in the Pro Tour Finals, just like the last time.

8 players have registered Mono-White Aggro lists, an archetype that have been crushing Temur Reclamation pretty consistently over the past few weeks. Many expect the new White Weenies to do very well in the upcoming tournament.

Three Japanese players have brought a spicy Esper Midrange brew to the Players Tours Finals. According to, the deck “can curve out with Seasoned Hallowblade into Rotting Regisaur into Sphinx of Foresight, which most Temur Reclamation players lack proper answers to”. It also features cards like Teferi, Time Raveler and Mystical Dispute. Only time will tell if it is to become the revelation of the Pro Tour Finals, just like the Orzhov Rats archetype did the last time.

Check out the full metagame report on

We intend to closely follow as the events of the upcoming Pro Tour Finals unfold. Return tomorrow for decklists and metagame analysis, as well as Day 1 coverage!

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