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Daily Deals May 12, 2021: Assorted Historic Card Styles

Today’s Daily Deals are a variety of Historic legal card styles offered at 75% off, along with Woe Strider which is the only card among today’s offers currently still legal in Standard.

A number of these cards see play in Historic, or have seen play in the past. Priest of Forgotten Gods has been a powerhouse in Sacrifice decks, often run as a 4-of in the main deck. Ramunap Ruins is a land that is notable for it’s ability to sacrifice a desert to deal 2 damage to the opponent, something that was problematic in mono red decks during its time in Standard. There are a few cards here that are sometimes played in control decks as well, including Search for Azcanta which of course flips into a powerful card advantage engine and Settle the Wreckage, a “gotcha” sweeper which exiles attacking creatures at instant speed at the expense of fetching your opponent some basic lands.

Baffling End, Authority of the Consuls, Cast Out, and Censor have all seen some amount of play in specific control shells and sideboards as well, so if you’re playing Azorius Control or Sacrifice in Historic, make sure to check it out before the deals end tomorrow morning at 8:00am PST.

ItemPrice (Gems)Price (Gold)Discount
Baffling End6030090%
Priest of Forgotten Gods2501,25075%
Authority of the Consuls2501,25075%
Search for Azcanta2501,25075%
Cast Out15075075%
Woe Strider2501,25075%
Thought Distortion15075075%
Ramunap Ruins15075075%
Settle the Wreckage2501,25075%

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