Deck of the Day – Jeskai Walkers by Kyler Star (RatsRelyk)


For today’s deck of the day, we share Kyler Star’s (RatsRelyk) take on Jeskai Walkers that he took up to rank 25 Mythic during his stream. You can follow him stream on Twitch and Twitter.

Jeskai Walkers by RatsRelyk - #25 Mythic - Throne of Eldraine Season 3

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Jeskai Walkers (or superfriends) is a deck that have been around since War of the Spark but since then have seen less and less play as more powerful strategies came along. This deck aims to stall your opponent with cheap removal such as Shock and Defeaning Clarion, and assembles a bunch of Planeswalkers to pressure your opponent to finish off opponents out of nowhere with Sarkhan the Masterless.

Initial Jeskai Fires decks went the Planeswalker route as well, until it eventually settled on the Cavalier creature package in its current form. This deck is also a bit lighter on the use of mythic rares as well, which is always great news. Be sure to also check out the sideboard guide here for best-of-three matches. Enjoy!

Each day we will feature a deck that are either user submitted from the community or really interesting ones we scoured from other sources. If you would like your deck to be showcased here, you can do so via any of the three ways:

  • Use the Submit Deck page – the more detailed the description, the better!
  • Come to our Discord and message us
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