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The Finals 2019 Top 16 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

The Finals 2019 is an invitation-only tournament held in Japan to determine the king of Standard at the end of the year. A total of 174 players attended, which includes Hall of Famers, past winners and players that won the qualifiers. The winner takes home 1 million Japanese Yen (about 9000 USD) as well as an invitation to the Players Tour held at Nagoya in 2020! You can also check out the MTG-JP coverage section for more information – please let us know if there is any incorrect information!

Top 16 Decklists

Jund Sacrifice proves to be one of the best decks to play in a tournament setting piloted by experienced players. The winning deck list features Status // Statue that can give Mayhem Devil deathtouch, which then allows it to kill any creature with just one damage and it is also a flexible removal spell that can target both Fires of Invention and Embercleave! It also has Incubation // Incongruity to dig for the creature it needs. Otherwise, the top 16 decks of the tournament shows the evidently strong archetypes of Standard at present with Azorius Control performing well.

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Source: MTG-JP

Metagame Breakdown

Out of the 174 players, the top 7 archetypes of the tournament consisted of about 80% of the metagame. Click on the deck archetype links to see more decklists!

Deck ArchetypeNumber of Decks% of Decks
Jund Sacrifice3419.5%
Simic Flash2816.1%
Jeskai Fires2313.2%
Simic Ramp1910.9%
Gruul Aggro137.5%
Azorius Control116.3%
Rakdos Knights105.7%

The rest of the 20% under the “Other” category are as follows:

Deck ArchetypeNumber of Decks% of Decks
Golgari Adventures74.0%
Temur Adventures63.4%
Temur Reclamation31.7%
Selesnya Adventures31.7%
Esper Control21.1%
Izzet Flash21.1%
Mono Red Aggro21.1%
Bant Reclamation21.1%
Rakdos Sacrifice21.1%
Grixis Control10.6%
Jeskai Control10.6%
Temur Midrange10.6%
Sultai Ramp10.6%
Izzet Control10.6%
Dimir Control10.6%
Boros Aggro10.6%

Source: MTG-JP

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