BO1 Izzet Phoenix by gobind – 92% Mythic – July 2020 Season

Basically discard your birds to cathartic and thrill. Main focus is to kill opponents threats first. The phoenix’s are distraction. The main killer in the deck is the drake. Save it till your opponent is out of resources. Two turn kills are very common with it out. Save lands in hand to discard to your spells. I would suggest playing out a max of 5-6 unless you are flooded. This deck is meant for B01. I tuned it many times after I constructed it to give it the best chances to beat rakdos sacrifice, mono green, and mono red. Mono red I an easy match-up. Prioritize shocking the steam kin, and using blitz of the thunder raptor on Anax. Robber is also a good shock target. The coil is an easy answer to Torbran and it is good against Anax as well.

For the Sacrifice match up, try to mulligan for a burn spell. They often run Jegantha as a companion so it you see it, try to have a coil or shock in hand. The blitz should be saved to use on woe strider, gutterbones, or the cat. takes care of the priest and the coil kills the devil. Once all their threats are gone, the drake is an easy finish. The most important part of the deck is that only sprite dragon can be claimed. Try to discard it in those matchups.

Mono Green requires you to always have blitz or coil. Turn four questing beast always happens. You need to have one of the two. It is ok to take some hits from the troll or pelt collector to prioritize drawing cards. Our creatures will outgrow theirs, but the beast has deathouch so it will always trade. Try to kill all their creatures so that vivien has low effect and henge comes out in late game, when they have no resources. Decent match up when you play correctly.

These are the most common B01 decks, and this deck usually smashes them. I hit mythic today at age fifteen. I hit mythic last season with mono white auras, but it loses to rakdos sacrifice, which is very common in B01. With the companion nerf, it is no longer good in standard, so I moved on to an old relic.

The Phoenix Drake Deck has brought me much success and I hope you can find it enjoyable.

Thanks 🙂


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