Gruul Aggro – Standard Artisan

Gruul Aggro – Standard Artisan



Gruul’s creatures outsize pretty much all others in the format; Anax can be as much as a 7/3 on turn 4 if followed up by Rampart Crasher! Auspicious Starrix + Paradise Druid is a powerful combo, granting the Starrix Hexproof permanently, and this is the best deck to make use of that since it’s going to be very hard to double block against all Gruul’s tricks. The lack of trample is a problem, so I’ve left 3 Collisions in to try to avoid getting chumped to death by the Aristocrats-type decks, and hopefully there’s enough interaction to prevent small Deathtouchers from being a problem either.


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  1. Just Sayin says:

    27 Collision/Colossus seems excessive…

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