Historic Golgari Midrange (PopRock!) by PoptartKitten – #218 Mythic – August 2020 Season


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Decks name is because its a rock deck and I’m the Poptart Kitten!
“Pop Rock!”

What’s your goal when you play this deck? To disrupt early fast mana/late game threats (depending on if your hand is more reactive/proactive) and fast mana your way to planeswalkers/efficient threats and mash your opponents face in. All the while accumulating card advantage.

A quick disclaimer is I would not recommend you play this deck in BO1 historic as the sideboarding plays a huge role in some matchups. (Being able to move board wipes to the sideboard for more threats/disruption vs FOTD/Slower decks)

Quick notes because this deck is pretty straight forward:

  • Llanowar elf & visionary are amazing ways to propel yourself into disgusting openings
  • Make the most of your castle locthwain to have more cards/options than your opponent
  • You can sneak some crazy wins with Vivien Reid, Monsters Advocate if you use her -2 ability to sneak in questing beasts, scavenging oozes, or llanowar visionaries if you see a thoughtseize/duress ontop of your library.

What is my deck optimized for at the current moment? Beating FoTD/Creature decks

Sideboard and why:

Necromentia: play off the board (naming FotD/problematic walkers in slower matchups)
Ashiok: Alternative wincon/grave hate
Kaeverk: Pseudo boardwipe/plague engineer effect (Lurrus decks/Tokens/Goblins)
Thragtusk: Any form of aggro where you need the extra life. (red usually)
Duress: Classic way to hit noncreature threats in ctrl mirrors
Grafdiggers: coco/goblins/citadel/phoenix … you name it.
Virulent plague: Field of the dead murderer (if you have a wurm in hand you can hold off on casting this)
Languish / Cry: Languish to deal with 4 toughness. Cry for the collected company citadel lists (it literally hoses their entire deck)

How to sideboard for matchups:

Citadel (If they have mayhem devils bring in languish too):
OUT: 1 Garruk, 1 Vivien Reid Monsters Advocate, 1 Questing Beast, 1 Murderous Rider, 2 Thoughtseize
IN: 2 Grafdigger, 1 Cry, 2 Kaeverk (Aristocrats no can stick on board!), 1 Thragtusk

OUT: 1 Scavenging Ooze, 4 eliminate, 1 Vraska, 2 Cry

IN: 2 Duress, 2 Necromentia, 2 Ashiok, 2 Virulent Plague

OUT: 1 Garruk, 1 Vivien Reid, 1 Vivien Reid, Monster’s Advocate, 2 Thoughtseize
IN: 2 Kaeverk, 2 Grafdigger, 1 Languish

Control decks:
OUT: 2 Cry, 2 Massacre Wurm, 3 Eliminate (one is left in for sharknado)
IN: 2 Duress, 2 Ashiok, 2 Necromentia, 1 Thragtusk

If you have any questions you can contact me on twitter, post here, or arena. My twitter handle is NyanCatNik
and my MTG: Arena is Poptart Kitten.

Core of the deck for anyone wanting to explore the archetype

core of poptarts golgari midrange deck (historic)

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