Mono Black Gift – Budget Historic Deck

Mono Black Gift – Budget Historic Deck

Mono Black Gift - Historic Budget Deck by Drifter

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  • 2 God-Pharaoh’s Gift: The buildaround behind this deck, capable of crushing your opponents with insurmountable value after you cheat it out with Gate to the Afterlife or hardcast it.
  • 2 Phyrexian Tower: One of Historic’s top 10 strongest cards, a safe craft that powers out this deck’s most absurd starts. You should really have 4, but can start with two.
  • 4 Priest of Forgotten Gods: An amazing payoff for having a bunch of sacrifice fodder in your deck, they kill this or they lose.

Upgrade Suggestions:

This build is quite different from a regular Gift list, which is chock full of rares and mythics, so check out the archetype page when you’re ready to build seriously! For now, these are the important changes:

4 Fiend Artisan2 Dusk Legion Zealot, 2 Crow of Dark Tidings
4 Cryptbreaker, 4 Woe Strider4 Cauldron Familiar, 4 Witch’s Oven
2 Massacre Wurm2 Lotleth Giant
4 Agadeem’s Awakening4 Blackbloom Rogue
3 Castle Locthwain, 2 Phyrexian Tower5
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