Mono Red Aggro – Budget Standard Deck


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Monored is always an extremely popular deck in Standard and fortunately, it’s not too terrible on the budget either. The budget version we’re working with is quite competitive, but the largest missing element is definitely Embercleave. If you’re looking to upgrade Monored past the budget version, you can take a look at lists here or use the guide below!


  • +4 Fervent Champion
  • +4 Robber of the Rich
  • +4 Bonecrusher Giant
  • +4 Frost Bite
  • +4 Embercleave
  • +4 Faceless Haven (make sure to include Snow-Covered Mountains over regular ones)
  • +2 Castle Embereth


  • -4 Akoum Hellhound
  • -2 Fireblade Charger
  • -2 Hall Monitor
  • -4 Heartfire Immolator
  • -1 Song-Mad Treachery
  • -2 Spikefield Hazard
  • -4 Shock
  • -4 Slaying Fire

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