Mono White Death and Taxes – Gladiator

First up is a classic no matter what format you look to, a mainstay in Legacy and a deck type that can show up at any time and be a threat. The basis of this deck is playing an aggressive Mono White deck with a strong clock, with creatures like Luminarch Aspirant being chief amongst them.

Then, backing those creatures up with creatures that restrict what your opponents can do to interact, see Thalia, Guardian of Thraben To help round this out some of the more impressive creatures in the list are ones that are very hard to remove, the recently printed Guardian of New Benalia is a strong example, being able to discard late lands that you no longer need to keep pressure on the board when your opponent tries to finally cast their Wrath of God or Anger of the Gods that you had stalled out is key for winning the control matchup.

Another quick note for this deck is that while there are very good removal in Mono White, it can peter out very quickly. Keep an eye on whether or not you need to use your Swords to Plowshares to push damage or if it should be saved in case you need to get past a larger problem later.


The Gathering: Gladiator All Access Event Guide and Decklists


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