Orzhov Auras by RatsRelyk – Theros Beyond Death Standard Theorycraft

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Orzhov Auras by RatsRelyk – Theros Beyond Death Standard Theorycraft

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Greetings friends!

Orzhov Auras 2.0 is an explosive deck focused around enchantments with several cards from the new set. Most importantly Hateful Eidolon is the core draw engine of the deck. The triggers from Eidolon and Dawn Evangel occur whenever an enchanted creature dies, not just ours. Treacherous Blessing is also fantastic draw if the game goes longer. However there is no way to sacrifice the Blessing so the life loss is mitigated with Lifelink from the Eidolon and Sentinel’s Mark.

Transcendent Envoy helps reduce the cost of Auras such as All That Glitters, Sentinel’s Mark, and the Escape cost on Mogis’s Favor. The Favor can be used to kill X/1’s your opponent has if they have a faster start.

Sentinel’s Eyes gives a small boost but the key pump spell is All That Glitters. Karametra’s Blessing is here over Gods Willing because it saves a creature from Ritual of Soot and Kaya’s Wrath effects. Generally this deck will only need one creature on the battlefield to win.

This deck is built with Bo1 in mind but can easily be adapted for Bo3 play. If you plan to take this into Bo3 I would recommend a sideboard similar to this:

4 Drill Bit
1 Gideon Blackblade
3 Dead Weight
4 Hushbringer
2 Kunoros, Hound of Athreos
1 www.twitch.tv/ratsrelyk7

You can reach out and chat more about meta-game deckbuilding through twitter @rats_relyk or in my discord here: https://discord.gg/apXCsNW

Happy Brewing!



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