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Wilderness Reclamation Art by Tyler Walpole

Sultai Reclamation – Standard Artisan

Best-of-One (BO1)

With Reclamation’s dominance over recent Standard, I felt it was only right that I try to make an Artisan version work! While this deck has some issues that the Standard version doesn’t have, e.g. it can’t go exponential in the same way, as there aren’t very many good expensive instants at common or uncommon, and it has much worse mana, every other Artisan deck is much weaker than its Standard variant too! I tried building a Temur version of this first, but was kind of disappointed with it and felt like Black was a bigger draw when Expansion//Explosion isn’t available, since the removal quality is much better, and I felt Discovery/Dispersal was one of the few good expensive instants out there.


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