Historic Anthology 4 Coming “Early March”


Update March 5, 2021: The full card list has now been spoiled! Check them out in the link below:

Kaldheim has been out for over a month, and the next set Strixhaven: School of Mages is due out in another month or so. Between this time, the focus will eventually be turning to Historic in the coming weeks, with Uro now banned and the next Historic Anthology set to be released soon!

The Historic Anthology sets are a small set of curated cards from Magic’s past that will be introduced to the Historic format only. We’ve seen some staples such as Burning-Tree Emissary (that has even been banned and unbanned) and Goblin Matron, as well as role-players such as Phyrexian Obliterator and Mind Stone make an impact.

For the first time since MTG Arena’s release, a State of the Game for February 2021 had not been posted by Wizards of the Coast (nor the ranked season for March has been updated either…). Though with the focus on mobile release and mostly a rehash of the patch notes, its usefulness was questionable anyway. In the next game update, players are anticipating the release of the next Historic Anthology according to the developer roadmap shown on the January 2021 State of the Game. Today, a private email sent to Magic competitors has confirmed the arrival of Historic Anthology 4 in “early March”, as reported by fireshoes below:


Further to this information, the weekly DailyMTG stream revealed that some information will be headed our way as early as tomorrow – whether that is in form of the March 2021 State of the Game or a surprise reveal, we don’t know yet – but make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

As we wait to see what exciting cards could come our way, check out some of our analysis from the previous Historic Anthology sets below!


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