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Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Key Art

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Previews Start April 2 – Mark Rosewater Teases More Information!

Earlier this week, Mark Rosewater’s weekly column on the official Magic: The Gathering website accidentally had the wrong date revealed as to when Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (the next set to be released on April 16 to MTG Arena) previews were going to start. Wizards of the Coast clarified the official starting date to be April 2, 7 AM PT (14:00 UTC) on the official Magic: The Gathering Twitch channel.

We don’t know much about the set so far except that it takes place in a world where there’s lots of monsters, and the set’s unique mechanic may involve building them with different sorts of counters. Some keen-eyed players also took hints from recently released “fun” sets that may be involved in Ikoria.

To add further to that, Mark Rosewater has just revealed a whole bunch of teasers from the set for us! The transcript and the source information is below – let us know what you think!

Previews for Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths don’t start until April 2, but I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people cooped up at home that are eager for any content, so I decided to do something I used to do all the time back in my column in The Duelist. I’m going to be giving you a Maro Teaser where I give tiny hints of things to come. Note that I’m only giving you partial information.

The following can be found in Ikoria:

  • Magic’s seventh Egg
  • A card with the text “four or more times this game”
  • A card with the text “total power 10 or less”
  • Magic’s largest power/toughness granting aura.
  • A card with the text “X is the number of times this creature has mutated”
  • Magic’s third and fourth card with “(Zero is even.)” reminder text.
  • Three cards with the text “different name(s)”
  • Twelve different types of counters
  • A card that says “choose a kind of counter at random”
  • A card with the text “remove eight foreshadow counters”
  • And a cycle that players have been asking us to make for over ten years

In addition, Ikoria has creatures with the following creature types:

  • Dinosaur Turtle
  • Shark Beast
  • Demon Kraken
  • Elemental Otter
  • Brushwagg
  • Hellion Horror
  • and a Nightmare Squirrel (Yes, a Squirrel in a Standard-legal set!)

Hopefully, this can tide you all over until the previews begin on April 2nd. Enjoy!

EDIT: Oops, there’s actually thirteen different type of counters. I searched for counter and planeswalkers don’t actually say “counter” on them. So that’s twelve not counting loyalty counters. Sorry.

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