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The Mythic Society MTG vs COVID-19

The Mythic Society MTG vs COVID-19 #1 Top 8 Standard Decklists

The competitive Magic: The Gathering scene has ground to a halt due to COVID-19 as all major events have been rescheduled at least until May. As MTGO and MTG Arena become primarily the way to play Magic during this time, we appreciate Wizards increasing the accessibility to popular events so players can take their minds off what’s happening in the world.

For players who want to participate and fulfil their competitive Magic needs, there is also a need for regular online tournaments especially now. Today we would like to highlight two organizations, that recently wrapped up a small successful tournament followed by the decklists from it!

The Mythic Society

The Mythic Society is led by former pro Magic player Pascal Maynard, and subscribers to their Twitch channel gain access to free entry to these tournaments, as well as giveaways every month. The MTG vs COVID-19 tournament series was held today, with six rounds of BO3 Standard and prizes supported by The next one is already lined up and due to be held on March 20 at 7 PM EST, so sign up before spots run out here! The top 8 decklists are below, but you can also check out all 53 decklists here.

MTG Melee

Another important piece of the puzzle here is the introduction of the new MTG Arena tournament platform MTG Melee that was utilized by The Mythic Society today. Matt Sperling, who participated today and won the tournament, praised its performance.

We often see the bigger tournament organizers such as Twitch Rivals and DreamHack Anaheim use, and we could not be happier with this new platform. MTG Melee is specially made for Magic: The Gathering and has been tested by experienced pro players alike to bring the current version of the product today. We also find it a hundred times more intuitive and saves us heaps of time by not having to transcribe decklists from screenshots or images!

On a side note, we applied with them to become a tournament organizer today, so hopefully we can hold some free to enter MTG Arena tournaments with prizes for you very soon – watch this space!

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