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Magic World Championship XXVII #FindYourChampion Promotion

Starting October 8 through till October 10, the 27th Magic: The Gathering World Championship is being held. This annual tournament pits 16 of the best players in the world for their share of a massive $1 million prize pool. The tournament is being held once again on MTG Arena, and the format has been revealed that it will be Draft and Standard!

As a build up to the competition, Wizards of the Coast are offering people to pick their favorite player, and win rewards for MTG Arena depending on how far they go in the tournament. This is a fantastic promotion that gives more exposure to the competitive scene and the personalities behind it.

You can enter by going to the official event website here:


Rewards are given to players who enter their email address associated with their MTG Arena account. All entries receive a prize, so there’s nothing to lose!

  • Winner: Worlds XXVII Sleeve, 6 Rare ICRs and Trophy Pet
  • 2nd Place: Worlds XXVII Sleeve and 4 Rare ICRs
  • 3rd to 8th Place: Worlds XXVII Sleeve and 2 Rare ICRs
  • 9th to 16th Place: Worlds XXVII Sleeve and 1 Rare ICR

The Players


You can view each player’s profile with the link above. Of course, last year’s winner PVDDR is back to defend his title and a host of familiar faces as well as new challengers are looking to claim the title.

Who will you pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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