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MTG Arena Announcements: February 6, 2023

Phyrexia: All Will Be One Drops Tomorrow!

Phyrexia: All Will Be One will be out tomorrow around 8AM PST, so if you haven’t ordered your Preorder bundle yet, this is your last chance to do so!

Compleatly Outmatched Preconstructed Historic Brawl

To celebrate the new release, we’re hosting the Welcome to Phyrexia Festival that kicks off tomorrow alongside the set release, beginning with the first event, Compleatly Outmatched. Running February 7–13, this event lets you play with five preconstructed Historic Brawl decks helmed by a powerful defender or conqueror of New Phyrexia for an opportunity to claim ten borderless manga planeswalker card styles in all. Here are just a few!

February 13–28: Welcome to Phyrexia Festival

Fun with the new set continues after Compleatly Outmatched with an exploration of New Phyrexia in the Welcome to Phyrexia Festival of events that start on February 13. Dive deep into the spheres of the Phyrexian plane in these events:

  • February 13–16: The Autonomous Furnace
  • February 16–19: The Hunter Maze
  • February 19–22: The Surgical Bay
  • February 22–25: The Dross Pits
  • February 25–28: The Fair Basilica

While you’re taking in the breath-stealing sights of The Fair Basilicaor just perambulating through The Hunter Maze don’t forget to pick up ichor card styles on your way through the Phyrexian gift shops—because every tour ends in a gift shop, even on New Phyrexia!

There are five different ichor card styles you can win in each event, and with five different events, that’s 25 ichor card styles in all! These include card styles for an array of the mysterious Domini, like these:

Solphim, Mayhem Dominus ichor card style
Zopandrel, Hunger Dominus ichor card style
Mondrak, Glory Dominus ichor card style

New Store Goodies!

We’ve got lots of new offerings in the MTG Arena Store coming tomorrow, too. Stop by and check out two sets of full-art lands, fun Phyrexian praetor stickers, compleated avatars, and more!

ONE Plains
ONE Island
ONE Swamp
ONE Mountain
ONE Forest

Standard Metagame Challenge, February 10–13

Sylex device held like a large bowl in Karn's hands

A new set equals a new meta, and here’s your chance to hone your skills with the new dynamics introduced by the cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One and claim gold and pack prizes! Bring your Standard deck and play Best-of-Three matches to rack up wins!

Standard Metagame Challenge Event Details

  • Dates: February 10–13
  • Entry: 2,000 gold or 400 gems
  • Format: Traditional Standard (Best-of-Three)
  • Structure: Play until seven wins or one loss.
  • Rewards:
7 wins5,000 gold + 30 packs
6 wins4,000 gold + 20 packs
5 wins3,000 gold + 10 packs
4 wins2,500 gold + 5 packs
3 wins2,000 gold + 3 packs
2 wins1,500 gold + 1 pack
1 win1,000 gold

*Packs awarded are from Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

Event Schedule 

Events open at 8 a.m. PT and close to new entries at 8 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00) on the dates shown unless otherwise noted.

Midweek Magic

Midweek Magic events open on Tuesdays at 8 a.m. PT and close to new entries on Thursdays at 8 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00).

  • February 7–9: Historic Singleton All Access 
  • February 14–16: Phyrexia: All Will Be One Phantom Sealed
  • February 21–23: Phyrexia: All Will Be One Constructed
  • February 28–March 2: Into the Future

Quick Draft

  • January 20–February 7: The Brothers’ War
  • February 7–17: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
  • February 17–March 2: Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Other Events

  • January 31–February 7: Flashback Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Premier Draft
  • February 7–13: Compleatly Outmatched 
  • February 10–13: Standard Metagame Challenge 
  • February 13–16: The Autonomous Furnace 
  • February 16–19: The Hunter Maze 
  • February 19–22: The Surgical Bay 
  • February 22–25: The Dross Pits 
  • February 25–28: The Fair Basilica

Premier Play Schedule

All times listed are Pacific time (UTC-08:00).

Qualifier Play-Ins

Qualifier Play-In events are single-day tournaments in which players compete to earn invitations to that month’s Qualifier Weekend events.


  • Best-of-One Qualifier Play-In
    February 18, 6 a.m. PT–February 19, 3 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00)
  • Best-of-Three Qualifier Play-In
    February 24, 6 a.m. PT–February 25, 3 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00)

Qualifier Weekends

Qualifier Weekend events are two-day events in which eligible players compete for invitations to upcoming Arena Championship events.

Qualifier Weekend Day One and Day Two events open to entries at 6 a.m. PT and close to new entries at 8 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00) each day. You must enter within this 2-hour window—late entries cannot be accommodated.


  • Qualifier Weekend
    February 25, 6 a.m. PT–February 26, 4 p.m. PT (UTC-08:00)

Arena Open 

The Arena Open Day 1 entry window begins at 6 a.m. PT and closes to new entries the following day at 3 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00).  Day 2 entry window is 2 hours only, from 6 a.m. PT until 8 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00). 

  • Arena Open March 4–5
    • Day 1, March 4: Phyrexia: All Will Be One Sealed—Best-of-One and Best-of-Three
    • Day 2, March 5: Phyrexia: All Will Be One Player Draft
      There are two Player Draft events on Day 2.

Arena Championship 2 

The Arena Championship is an invitation-only, two-day virtual event for players who earn invitations through Qualifier Weekend events.

February 2023 Ranked Season

The February 2023 Ranked Season begins January 31 at 12:05 p.m. PT and ends on February 28 at 12 p.m. PT (UTC-08:00)

Drown in Ichor card style
Skrelv, Defector Mite card style


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