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Brothers' War Bundles will be available on MTG Arena starting October 27

MTG Arena Announcements: October 26, 2022 – Golden Packs Debut with Preorder Bundle

Magic: The Gathering Arena made several announcements about upcoming set releases and events, including the debut of a new Golden Pack filled with Rares and Mythics

This week’s bulletin for Magic: The Gathering Arena arrived today. Many of the announcement revolve around the release of the latest Standard-legal set, The Brothers’ War, as well as the schedule of upcoming events on the client. Notably, Arena players will be able to get their (virtual) hands on a new type of booster pack, the Golden Pack.

The Brothers’ War Preorder Bundles and Golden Packs

As is customary with set releases, you’ll be able to preorder two types of bundles aimed at different types of users. These bundles will be available on Arena from October 27 to November 15, when The Brothers’ War releases on the client.

Brothers' War Bundles will be available on MTG Arena starting October 27

Here are the contents of each bundle:


Available at Purchase

  • Mishra sleeve

Available at Release


Available at Purchase

  • Urza sleeve
  • Urzan Sentinel pet

Available at Release

According to the bulletin, Golden Packs are a new type of pack that contains six Standard-legal rare or mythic rare cards. Of these, at least two will be from The Brothers’ War, at least one will be a Standard. Rares you open have a 1:8 chance to upgrade to a mythic rare. Fortunately, these rares and mythics are duplicate protected and will advance your wildcard tracks. You won’t be open to open wildcards straight out of Golden Packs.

It’s not clear from the announcement whether Golden Packs will be available in the store or will only come in the Mishra Pack preorder bundle.

Qualifiers and Arena Open set for November

Competitive Arena players will be able to compete in November for invitations to the next Arena Championship slated for sometime in Q4 of this year. The month’s Qualifier Weekend is scheduled for November 12, 6am Pacific Time until November 13, 4pm PT, with Historic as the format.

Aside from accumulating enough Play-In Points, players can qualify for this weekend event by performing well in one of two Qualifier Play-In Events scheduled for November:

  • Best-of-One Qualifier Play-In
    November 5, 6am PT-November 6, 6 am PT
    • Format: Historic
  • Best-of-Three Qualifier Play-In
    November 11, 6 am PT–November 12, 3 am PT
    • Format: Historic

Players will need to keep in mind that the shift to daylight savings time will happen on November 6 in the United States

Sealed Dominaria Arena Open

On the weekend of November 5-6, there will be a Sealed Arena Open using packs from the original Dominaria set released in 2018. You’ll get to choose between Best-of-One and Best-of-Three events on Day 1, while Day 2 is Best-of-Three. All participants will receive a card sleeve depicting Urza Assembles the Titans.

  • The Day 1 entry window begins at 6am PT and closes the following day at 3am PT.
  • Remember to sign up for Day 2 within the two-hour window from 6am PT to 8am PT.

Fortunately, newer players or rusty Limited enthusiasts will be able to practice this format from October 28-November 5 in the Dominaria Sealed event on Arena.

Extra Life Secret Lair Charity Sleeves

You’ll be able to purchase this Extra Life 2022 Sleeve Bundle with artwork from the special charity Secret Lair for 1200 gems. The sleeves depict Birds of Paradise Lathliss, Dragon Queen, and Sliver Legion, respectively.

You can also pick up the Extra Life Ajani sleeve for 600 gems. Net proceeds from these sleeves will benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Alternative Play Schedule

Finally, we wrap up the summary of announcements by listing the events you can find on Arena for the rest of October and in November:


  • October 28-November 11, Innistrad: Crimson Vow
  • November 11-15: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty
  • November 25-December 9: The Brothers’ War

Midweek Magic

  • November 1–3: Singleton
  • November 8–10: Phantom Chromatic Cube Bot Draft
  • November 15–18: The Brothers’ War Phantom Sealed
  • November 22–24: Standard

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