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The Brothers' War

The Brothers’ War – Card Spoilers, Release Date, and More

Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming expansion, The Brothers’ War is expected to arrive to MTG Arena on November 15, 2022 and worldwide release on November 18, 2022. It follows the story from the previous set, Dominaria United. In this guide, you’ll find all of the information we currently have available for The Brothers’ War, including all of the cards that have been revealed so far.

The Brothers’ War Set Details

The Brothers' War set logo
Set SymbolThe Brothers' War set symbol
Release DateMTG Arena: November 15, 2022
Tabletop: November 18, 2022
Expansion CodeBRO
  • The Brothers’ War is designed as an event set similar to War of the Spark, meaning that its mechanical structure is built around an event rather than a world. In this case, the set revolves around the story of the Brothers’ War, a major event in Magic’s timeline that was previously portrayed in the set Antiquities and various works of fiction such as the novel The Brothers’ War.
  • While Magic’s history stretches back 30 years, the lore of Dominaria itself is much longer. Returning to a pivotal story of Dominaria’s – and Magic’s – history, what started as a feud between Urza and Mishra erupted into an all-out war that set into motion the future of the plane and Multiverse itself.
  • Through the lens of Dominaria’s locations, characters, and victims of the conflict, we’ll see a plane-spanning conflict escalate with artifacts, giant mechs, and beyond in The Brothers’ War.

The Brothers’ War News

The Brothers’ War Key Dates

  • 30th Anniversary Kickoff Stream: October 4
  • The Brothers’ War Story: October 20–26
  • Building Worlds Panel: October 20
  • Debut Video and Previews Begin: October 27
  • The Brothers’ War Magic 30 Previews: October 28–30
  • The Brothers’ War Previews Continue: October 31–November 4
  • WPN Game Store Prerelease Events: November 11–17
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online Release: November 15
  • The Brothers’ War Global Release: November 18
  • WPN Game Store Commander Party Events: December 16–18

The Brothers’ War Mechanics


Meld is a keyword action introduced in Eldritch Moon (inspired by the Unglued card B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)) and means to turn two meld cards on the back side into one oversized card, if you control the proper pair. Meld returns with three meld pairs in The Brothers’ War.

The Brothers’ War Cards

The Brothers’ War Commander Decks

The Brothers’ War Commander has two 100-card decks featuring the two brothers Urza and Mishra specially designed for the Commander format. All cards in the decks will be in retro frame! Check out our complete information guide, card list and decklists here:

Retro Frame Artifacts

Retro Frame Artifacts are a special subset of The Brothers’ War, akin to the Mystical Archive cards in Strixhaven: School of Mages. There are 63 curated artifacts from Magic’s past that you can find in every pack, as well as serialized versions of cards for the first time in booster products (500 for each card)! Check out our complete information guide and card list here:


15 double-sided Transformers cards which you’ll be able to get in Bundles as well as Set & Collector boosters, in either their normal frame or the “Shattered Glass” versions will be available on tabletop and Magic Online only. Check out our complete information guide and card list here:

The Brothers’ War Jumpstart

The Brothers’ War Jumpstart has 10 themes, two from each color. They contain 20 cards (including all the lands you need to play). In every pack, you’ll find 2 Rare cards, 1 of which may be a Mythic Rare, 1 non-foil stainless glass land, and 2 Land cards that are traditional foil.

  • White:
  • Blue:
  • Black:
  • Red:
  • Green:



Game Day

Bundle Promo

30th Anniversary Celebration

30 Anniversary Promo

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