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MTG Arena October Game Update Postponed Until October 22

The monthly game update for MTG Arena was scheduled for today as per the State of the Game article, but has been postponed until next week Thursday October 22 due to technical issues. The Festival events have also been delayed by a week, but other events will run as scheduled. Please read the below post from the official source for more details, and our event calendar will also be updated accordingly.


Due to technical issues, the October Game Update ( has been postponed until Thursday, October 22.

  • A data-only game update (1.12.03) will be available tomorrow, October 15 to ensure our draft and Friday Night Magic at Home events occur as planned.
  • The remaining content, updates and bug fixes will be available on October 22.


Due to this delay, we will be updating the scheduled dates for two of our planned Festival events:

  • Cascade Singleton: October 24 – 26 (Updated)
  • World Tour: October 26 –29 (Updated)
  • Mastermind: November 1 – November 4
  • On the Edge: November 7 – November 12

All other scheduled events, including the Arena Open, remains the same. If there are any further changes to our planned maintenance schedule, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Source: Changes to MTG Arena’s Maintenance Schedule

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