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Murders at Karlov Manor (MKM) Limited Combos and Synergies Guide

In this guide, we go over some combos and synergies for Murders at Karlov Manor (MKM) Limited.

Hey everyone! We’re nearing the end of the tracks of preview season and we’re oh so close to the official launch of the Murders at Karlov Manor on MTG Arena. I’m excited for the opportunity to play the set without the inconvenience of needing to wear pants (apparently wearing a robe and boxers is frowned upon at real life prereleases).

Today I’m going to be discussing combos and synergies from MKM. I’m going to be keeping it mostly to commons and uncommons because that is far more likely to come up. I may toss in a silly rare one at the end if I get bored.

Forum Familiar and Dog Walker

Dogs and cats working together in harmony, what is this madness?!? Forum Familiar has taken over from Mischievous Pup as the current bounce your own permanent card. It is a bit more expensive because trying to convince a cat to do your bidding is a fool’s errand.

As far as the cards go, Dog Walker lets you go wide all on its own before Forum Familiar brings it back to your hand to do it all over again.

If you want to feel less conflicted about being involved in the affairs of dogs and cats, you can just use Forum Familiar to bounce Inside Source instead.

Harried Dronesmith and Detective’s Satchel

I heard you like Thopters, well I’ve got a guy who can get you in on that racket. Just wear your fedora so they know you’re one of us.

The whole gist of this little ditty is that the Harried Dronesmith deploys a temporary Thopter that ends up sacrificing itself (it leaves no evidence that way) giving you the means to tap your satchel to give yourself a permanent Thopter every turn.

Mistway Spy and Persuasive Interrogators

Flipping a Mistway Spy is a cool way to get multiple clue tokens out of flipping one card. While you might not get four clues out of it, you should at least get close enough that you can have that many when you drop Persuasive Interrogators. They bring their own clue and you are just five cracks away from winning with poison damage (I’m pretty sure a little trophy or achievement things pops up when you do it).

Chalk Outline and Rubblebelt Maverick

Rubblebelt Maverick can surveil some cards into your graveyard when it enters play to provide potential evidence to be collected where Chalk Outline can possibly turn it into a Detective token and a clue. Once maverick ends up in the graveyard, they can simply exile themselves for a single green mana to hand out a +1+1 counter and a trigger of Chalk Outline.

Essence of Antiquity and High Alert

While High Alert is on The List, it is still technically an uncommon so I felt it was fair game here. It’s also highly unlikely anyone else would be trying to snatch it up leaving you free to build the Sir Mix-a-Lot deck. Getting to crack in for ten and be able to untap it to hold down the fort is going to cause some serious problems for your opponent.

Bolrac-Clan Basher and Get a Leg Up

Are you looking to bash your opponent’s face in Embercleave style? The Bolrac-Clan Basher comes preequipped with trample and double strike for all of your cleaving needs. The only problem is that he only has three power. That might be sufficient, but how about you just pump the jams all the way up with Get a Leg Up because an extra +5+5 has a great chance of just ending the game.

Lead Pipe and Perimeter Enforcer

While not exactly a wombo combo, someone in Twitch chat brought this up from their prerelease. Lead Pipe feels a bit below the curve on its own, but having an early three (or more) power evasive lifelinker can be downright dirty.

Offender at Large and Innocent Bystander

Certainly not something that is going to come up the often, but a cool little play that is easy to miss. When you flip Offender at Large it doesn’t require it to pump one of your creatures. You could use it to pump the one that is tangling with Innocent Bystander to trigger an investigate. Basically, if you value another card over dealing two more damage, this is a neat way you can pull that off.  

Magnetic Snuffler and Candlestick

This actually works with any of the Clue equipment since they all have the ability to sacrifice themselves to draw a card. You never want to be raw dogging Magnetic Snuffler out there without being able to bring an equipment back. This lets you ignore the randomness of hoping to surveil one away and ensure that Big Snuffs can get the job done.

Leyline of the Guildpact and Case of the Shattered Pact

Here is your goofy rare one for the set and it’s certainly doing stuff and/or things. This one is clearly just for funsies and not something that I would recommend you actually try to pull off unless your goal is to get dem screenshots.

All you have to do is draw Leyline of the Guildpact in your opening hand, play any one drop creature, and follow it up with Case of the Shattered Pact. Congratulations, you’ve solved the case before the investigation has even started. It’s just like when your douchebag brother “guessed” the exact answer in Clue while “definitely not cheating”.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow when I bring you the archetypes guide for the Murders at Karlov Manor. Until then, stay classy people!

I’m always open to feedback, let me know what you loved, what you hated, or just send dog pics. You can contact me at:

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