My 8 Top Deck Choices for the July 2022 Alchemy Metagame Challenge

The Alchemy Metagame Challenge is here once again, but this time, we have a whole slew of new and rebalanced cards to consider only a day after the patch! While this may be tough to navigate, DoggertQBones has his top choices to help you navigate an unstable metagame and win big this weekend!

Hello everyone! This weekend we have a special opportunity to play in the Alchemy Metagame Challenge! However, this isn't going to be your normal metagame challenge! Rather than having an established metagame to play in, we're thrust into an event with only a days notice!

This is going to be a unique challenge for two reasons. One, most players are not going to have much, if any, practice going into the event as there's so little time between Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate's release and the challenge. Second, the odds of the opponents having a high density of new cards is also low unless they have the resources to invest in Wildcards or buy a lot of packs.

With that, the most likely assumption is your average opponent is going to be playing one of two decks: A deck that was good in the previous metagame or whatever they can scrape together. So we're looking for strategies that can perform well against the established decks as well as unexpected ones if possible as you have no room for error once you enter the event!

As a note, these decks are in order of how established th...

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