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My Top Five off Meta Decks That May Be Competitive With the Explorer and Historic Anthologies

The Anthologies are out and everything's changing! Instead of improving tier decks, DoggertQBones is looking at the off meta decks that got way better! What old strategies will be competitive and what is the unplayed deck that may now be Tier 1?

Hello everyone! Explorer Anthology 1 and Historic Anthology 6 just released, and with any new injection of cards, we're going to see a lot of changes! Unsurprisingly, we know the meta decks are going to some really great options further propelling the decks power level ahead. Not saying this as a bad thing, just a natural thing that happens in cases like these. That said, those additions will be sorted out very quickly and the metagame will adapt to it just as fast.

I'm not interested in talking about the obvious inclusions in meta decks. Yes, Supreme Verdict is good in Azorius Control and Mausoleum Wanderer is good in Spirits, you don't need a Premium article to tell you that. However, what is infinitely more interesting is what decks become viable from these releases? I have played a lot of Historic in my day and plenty of Explorer so I'm more priced in to seeing which decks can become not just viable, but competitive with these releases. To that end, I have my top 5 decks, 4 Historic and 1 Explorer, that are the most likely to become competitive with these changes.

Let's di...

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