Update to the July 2022 MTG Arena Ranked Season: Issue With Mythic Ranks

MTG Arena’s latest patch, bringing 40 new cards to players in the Historic Anthology 6 and Explorer Anthology 1 sets, introduced a strange ranking bug very close to the end of July 2022 Ranked Season. Mythic ranked constructed players are showing incorrect percentiles and ranks:

With that, Wizards of the Coast have decided to make comprise to players by issuing Qualifier Weekend entries to the top 500 players prior to the patch, as well as top 250 players as per normal when the season ends. Play-In points are also granted in a similar way as well. Below are the full details:

With the release of Historic Anthology 6 and Explorer Anthology 1 this morning, the Mythic Constructed leaderboard began working off incorrect player standings. We have the data for the leaderboard prior to the deployment, and after the conclusion of the July 2022 Ranked Season on July 31, we will be issuing rewards as follows:

  • Qualifier Weekend Day 1 entry tokens will be awarded to the top 500 players in Mythic Constructed ranked play prior to today’s maintenance.
  • Qualifier Weekend Day 1 entry tokens will be awarded to the top 250 players in Mythic Constructed ranked play when the July 2022 Ranked Season ends, based on the in-client player standings.

Additionally, we will be awarding 20 Play-In Points to players who don’t qualify for the August 2022 Qualifier Weekend event based on the following standings:

  • Players who were in Mythic Constructed rank #501–1500 prior to today’s maintenance.
  • Players who were Mythic Constructed rank #251–1200 at the end of the current season based on the in-client standings.

The Mythic leaderboard for Limited was unaffected by this issue, and rewards for it will occur as previously announced.

Source: https://magic.gg/news/update-to-the-july-2022-mtg-arena-ranked-season

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