Mystery Booster Reveal at MagicFest Richmond 2019 Live

The hyped new Magic product is revealed for the first time at a Mystery Booster Sealed Event at MagicFest Richmond! Find out what the packs contain below.


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All in all, the product seems to be a Chaos/Cube Draft set, with cards selected from a wide range of Magic: The Gathering’s past sets. Few things to note:

  • Each pack contains test cards that give an insight to what could have made it to real sets
  • They have a Planeswalker symbol on the bottom left hand side with 2019 copyright, which means they are freshly printed specially for this set (not just repackaged)

Noteworthy reprints:

  • Mana Crypt
  • Demonic Tutor
  • Sol Ring

We will not be cataloging the cards obviously due to its irrelevancy to MTG Arena, but Scryfall will likely be cataloging all of them so check it out if you are interested!

Source: @Aaron_MTG

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