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Mythic Championship VII Live Coverage

Mythic Championship VII begins with 67 players – 32 Magic Pro League members and 35 Challengers competing for a $750,000 total prize pool and conclusion of the 2019 competitive season. The live broadcast of Mythic Championship VII starts at 9 AM PT / 12 AM ET / 5 PM UTC, for all three days from December 6 to December 8.

Top 8


Congratulations to Piotr Glogowski (kanister) who took his Jund Sacrifice deck to an undefeated record!

Day 2

Congratulations to the top 8 players with a lot to play for in tomorrow’s elimination rounds!

Day 1

The following Magic Pro League players automatically advance to day 2 (winners of Eldraine Split) and will not be participating in today’s matches, leaving 20 spots left to fight for for the second day.

More Information

Social Media

  • Discuss the tournament in our Discord
  • All the live happenings on Twitter – #MYTHICCHAMPIONSHIPVII

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