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Red Bull Untapped Week of Wings Qualifier Decklists and Metagame – Standard and Historic

The Red Bull Untapped Week of Wings Qualifier is a 2-day multi-format event that took place over the weekend. 1011 invited players participated in this tournament, each brought two decks – one for Standard and one for Historic play.

On Saturday, 6 rounds of Standard were followed by 3 rounds of Historic. Players with at least 18 points after these 9 rounds advanced to Sunday, where additional 2 rounds of Historic and 4 rounds of Standard were played. After a total of 15 Swiss rounds, the Top 8 was determined – play-offs were played in Standard format, single elimination.

In this article, you can find decklists – both Historic and Standard – registered by the 16 best-performed players of the competition. Below you can also find the metagame stats for both formats.

Standard Metagame

ArchetypeDeck Count% of the FieldWin Rate
Dimir Rogues18117.9031%47.8122%
Gruul Adventures16716.5183%55.4957%
Rakdos Midrange717.0227%52.2248%
Mono-Red Aggro706.9238%54.3269%
Temur Ramp575.638%49.1071%
Dimir Control525.1434%45.4849%
Esper Doom Foretold464.55%54.7445%
Azorius Yorion424.1543%50.4032%
Abzan Doom Foretold424.1543%43.0894%
Mono-Green Aggro292.8684%39.5973%
Azorius Blink282.7695%46.4052%

Standard Decklists

Historic Metagame

ArchetypeDeck Count% of the FieldWin Rate
Gruul Aggro19419.2079%50%
Sultai Midrange15815.6436%51.2915%
Four-color Control12712.5743%48.2456%
Jund Sacrifice10910.7921%51.0638%
Mono-Red Aggro828.1188%48.7654%
Mono-Red Goblins454.4554%52.1739%
Rakdos Arcanist363.5644%50%
Azorius Control343.3663%61.7284%
Four-color Midrange282.7723%44.898%
Mono-Blue Tempo181.7822%57.6923%

Historic Decklists

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