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Streets of New Capenna Spoilers: Meet the Cabaretti

We’re drawing ever-closer to the release of MTG’s next set, Streets of New Capenna, and the preview season is starting to wrap up. The setting of New Capenna is heavily inspired by classic “mobster” movies with a 1920’s aesthetic, and the titular city is dominated by five crime families – each with a demonic leader.

We’ve learned a lot about the set over the last few months through the New Capenna prebeat in March, the more recent Debut Stream that kicked off spoiler season, and the webfiction stories published by Wizards of the Coast. Now that we’ve seen most of the cards in the set, we’re taking a deeper look at each of the five families and the cards associated with them.

Each of the families is associated with one of the “allied” three-color combinations, typically referred to as shards. In this article, we’ll be looking at the family aligned with the Naya shard, the Cabaretti.

You can also find our breakdowns of the other New Capenna families here as they’re added:

Who Are the Cabaretti?

Wizards describes the Cabaretti as a “fun-loving cult of druids” who are known for their illustrious and exclusive parties. Everybody wants to be invited to the Cabaretti’s famous events and functions, and the family secretly uses magic to sway the opinions of the city’s residents. Citizens should be warned however; once you arrive at a Cabaretti party, you might find it difficult to leave – especially if you’re powerful and influential enough to have gotten the family’s attention.

Jetmir, Head of the Maestros

The leader of the Cabaretti is Jetmir, a cat-demon known as the life of the party. Jetmir always dresses in opulence, with gaudy jewelry and the finest, most expensive clothing. Jetmir’s card represents the Cabaretti party scene, offering an increasingly more powerful buff to your board the more creatures you control. With enough attendees, the party will eventually spin out of control thanks to Jetmir granting trample and even double strike to close the game in a hurry.

Legendary Cabaretti

Besides Jemir the Illustrious Cat Demon, we’ve also seen a couple of other legendary creatures from the Cabaretti family:

The Cabaretti Mechanic: Alliance

Naya is the traditional color combination for Zoo and other creature-heavy decks, and with the Cabaretti making up the socialites of New Capenna, it only makes sense that their mechanic would encourage other creatures to join the party. Alliance is a new keyword that triggers when another creature enters the battlefield under your control, and it triggers a wide variety of different effects that’s unique to each card.

Alliance – Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, [effect].

There are a lot of powerful creatures aligned with the Cabaretti in the set, both multi-colored and mono-colored. However, since three-color decks typically come along with a reduction in consistency when compared to their one and two-color color counterparts, it’s unclear whether Alliance-fueled decks will be able to justify running three colors – or if they’ll simply find the strongest one or two colors and stick with them.

Either way, Alliance seems like an exciting mechanic that some creature decks are definitely going to try. Here’s a list of the cards we’ve seen with Alliance thus far:

Other Cabaretti Cards

Like the other families, not all of the cards in the Cabaretti family make use of the Alliance mechanic. The one thing that is consistent with many of the Cabaretti cards is that they’re heavily based on creatures, creature tokens, and buffs. You can browse the other Cabaretti-related cards below:

Streets of New Capenna is scheduled for release on MTG Arena on April 28, with the worldwide release following just after on April 29. With spoiler season coming to an end, we’ll be taking a look at cards representing the other four families of New Capenna. In the meantime, be sure to also check out our full spoilers gallery to see all of the cards that have been revealed.

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