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The Draft Lab Podcast Episode 23: Navigating Crimson Vow Drafts

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to episode 23 of the Draft Lab podcast starring Josh Phillips and Chris Palmiotti. This week we give you all of our thoughts as we go through two Crimson Vow drafts.

We start off with our weekly update where we talk about the current state of the format.

Our first draft is a Best of One draft that doesn’t have an open lane and the whole pod is very low on power. It’s a great example of how to navigate a situation like this without tilting. We’ll provide the picks here so you can follow along and see if you would have done anything different.

The second draft is a Best of Three that struggles along early, but a tough choice pays off big for our heroes.

The final results for the decks were the Bo1 deck went 7-2 while the Bo3 deck went 2-1 with a close loss in the finals.

We next answer a question about this weekend’s Decathlon Sealed which I would highly recommend you read my article coming tomorrow to prep for.

Per usual you won’t want to miss out on our Cool Play of the Week.

Thanks for listening and per usual let me know if you have any questions or would like to make submissions for Cool Play of the Week.

You can find me at:

Iroas, God of Victory Art


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Josh is a member of the elite limited team The Draft Lab as well as the host of The Draft Lab Podcast. He was qualifying for Pro Tours, Nationals, and Worlds literally before some of you were born. After a Magic hiatus to play poker and go to medical school, he has been dominating Arena with over an 80% win percentage in Bo3 as well as making #1 rank in Mythic.

Articles: 307