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The Five Questions to Ask to Accurately Evaluate Decks

Are you sick of wasting time and wildcards on bad decks? Well, DoggertQBones has 5 questions that will let you avoid that! With 3 example decks to test your new found skills on, can you accurately evaluate each deck like Doggert did?

Hello everyone!

I haven't done a theory piece in awhile and wasn't initially planning to until our resident magician PVDDR inspired me to write this. He recently hosted an AMA and I decided to throw my question in there. I'll add the question and answer here, but the link to the full coverage is below, definitely recommend reading it!

Ask PVDDR Anything – All Questions and Answers

So my question was, "What is the important magic skill you find you share with the most strong players and what skill do you have that you believe many great players have yet to adopt?"

His response, "I think most strong players are good with having a plan. They know the direction they want the game to go, they know what a game they win looks like, and they know what they have to do to get there. They basically play the whole game, rather than a series of individual turns. One area I think I’m better than even most strong players is just raw understanding of the game. I’ve always made it a point to understand the “whys” of everything, and this makes it easy for me to theor...

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