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Legions to Ashes from The Brothers' War

WeeklyMTG The Brothers’ War Preview Stream – Jumpstart Rares and More!

On this week's WeeklyMTG show, host Blake Rasmussen and guest Gavin Verhey previewed a bunch of new cards from The Brothers' War

Earlier today, Magic: The Gathering’s official Twitch channel went live for their WeeklyMTG stream. And because we’re so close to the November 15 release of The Brothers’ War, we got to see several new preview cards!

Five of the rares that host Blake Rasmussen and guest Gavin Verhey spoiled are coming to MTG Arena from the Jumpstart set that releases alongside The Brothers’ War. It’s important to remember that cards originally printed in Jumpstart supplemental sets are still legal in Standard. While most Jumpstart rares simply won’t be good enough for competitive play because they’re aimed at introducing newer players to the game or providing a fun shuffle-up-and-play experience, there’s always a chance that a a card from the set surprises us!

We also saw a ton of new Limited-oriented cards that you’ll find in the main set boosters and that also fill out the various Jumpstart packs from this set.

Read on for all the cards previewed during this stream.

Legions to Ashes – Main Set Rare

Legions to Ashes from The Brothers' War

Aside from the sweet Jumpstart rares the stream previewed, we also got to see one rare from the main set: Legions to Ashes. This is a flexible removal spell that can either deal with one problem permanent or sweep away a swarm of pesky tokens.

The Brothers’ War Jumpstart






You can catch the full WeeklyMTG stream here:

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