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The latest game update is now live after a brief maintenance, and the MTG Arena developers are addressing two key issues that have risen since the last Core Set 2020 update:

  • Game performance issues related to frame drops and cards that use the “Choose a Card Name” browser (e.g. Tamiyo, Collector of Tales).
  • Set Mastery changes to improve progressions for players that do not play everyday. Weekly Wins are coming back, which grants Mastery XP, and adjustments to Daily Quests and Daily Wins as per the infographics below:

The official patch notes outline these changes in more detail. All players will begin at 0/15 Weekly Wins after this update and incomplete Daily Quests will award 500 Mastery XP.

We also have new set of Chronicles events (similar to War of the Spark Chronicles) upcoming at the end of this month and more changes are to come for the next Archery Set Mastery (a catch-up system).

Patch Notes


For more information, please refer to our Core Set 2020 Developer Update.

  • Weekly Win rewards have returned. Players will now earn 250 XP per Win, up to 15 Wins.
    • Weekly Wins reset on Sunday at 2AM Pacific Time.
  • XP has been removed from the Daily Win rewards (previously 100 for your 1st win, 50 for your 2nd and 3rd).
  • XP rewards from Quests is now 500 XP per completed Quest (down from 800 XP).


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in frame drops (“stuttering”) when playing Magic: The Gathering Arena.
  • The “Choose a Card Name” browser (Tamiyo, Collector of Tales +1 Ability, Diviner’s Lockbox, etc.) should no longer cause a significant degrade in performance.

Developer’s Note: We have more performance improvements planned for later this month, and will continue to investigate performance related-issues. If you’re still having problems after this update, please submit a support ticket and include both your game log files as well as your DXDiag to help us identify the problem.


  • Players who have a token for a Sealed and/or Draft event entry (such as from a pre-release code) should now be able to use their token.


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