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1.04.00 Patch Notes

MTG Arena’s major January update is now live after a brief maintenance! Theros Beyond Death adds more than 254 new cards to the game, and we also got a sneak peek at some of the new features in the latest State of the Game article. Remember to check out the Theros Beyond Death Set Guide for everything else you need to know about the new expansion and redeem the PlayTheros free code to get three booster packs!

A hotfix for the black screen and frequent network errors has now been addressed in the latest patch.







Cards with escape can break free from the Underworld of Theros (i.e., your graveyard) and be cast again by paying the escape cost.

  • As with other cards that can be cast from other zones, when your escape cards are in your graveyard they are displayed as “near hand castables” surrounded by the chains of the Underworld and their escape alternate casting cost replaces their normal cost.
    • Note: The cards’ converted mana cost (CMC) remains the same; this is always based on the mana cost, not the escape cost.
  • Escape always includes exiling some number of other cards from your graveyard.
  • When mousing over escape cards in your near hand castable zone, the counts are displayed with the number of cards in your graveyard highlighted.
  • Note: The number of cards in your graveyard includes the escape card itself.
  • The escape badge, which depicts broken chains (see above), is highlighted when the card is in the graveyard.
  • You can also identify a card being cast via escape by additional effects on the cards being exiled from the graveyard and on the escape card while it is on the stack.


Cards with devotion count the number of colored mana symbols in the mana costs of permanents you control, representing your devotion to the gods of Theros, to determine the strength of their effects.

  • Devotion cards and triggered abilities that check devotion have a badge (see above) that indicates your current devotion to the color or combination of colors referred to by that card.
    • Note: The devotion count will most likely change when permanents that reference it entering the battlefield—they count themselves!
  • The gods of Theros themselves require sufficient devotion to be creatures on the battlefield, and not just enchantments.
    • On the battlefield they will only be found alongside other creatures while they are . . . creatures.
    • Otherwise, they will appear on the bottom right of the battlefield (near other enchantments/artifacts that are not targeting another permanent).


  • Cards with constellation abilities draw upon the power of Nyx to trigger whenever your enchantments enter the battlefield.
  • Cards with constellation abilities can be identified by the constellation badge (see above) and the constellation effects on the permanent and its triggered ability when it triggers.
  • Constellation abilities can be unique! Different abilities will trigger when an enchantment enters the battlefield based on the specific card with constellation.

Card-Specific Notes

Haktos the Unscarred

  • On the battlefield Haktos is a little overconfident, so his badge will display the converted mana cost he’s vulnerable to.

Titans (Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath)

  • The Titans Kroxa and Uro get sent straight to the Underworld when entering the battlefield unless they escaped.
  • If you want to sacrifice your Elder Giant (such as using a magical oven to bake it into some kind of pastry dish), you need to manually hold priority.
    • To do this, before casting it, either enter Full Control by pressing Ctrl, or set a stop in the current phase by selecting it on the phase ladder.

Nightmare Shepherd

  • Sometimes a bunch of your creatures die at once, each one causing this nightmare to trigger.
  • If you disable the “Auto Order Triggered Abilities” under your gameplay settings, you can mouse over each trigger to pull the corresponding creature out of the graveyard, even when initially ordering triggers.

Nyx Lotus

  • Nyx Lotus adds an amount of mana equal to the devotion to a color of your choice. The devotion count displayed on the badge is always your largest devotion value, but you’ll only get that much mana if you choose your most devoted color.
  • Auto-tap avoids tapping Nyx Lotus for less than the maximum amount of mana it can produce, unless it’s required to pay the cost.
    • It may also auto-tap in certain cases where choosing a different color would allow the player to cast more spells.

As always, if you hover over a card before casting it, the game will highlight which mana sources it intends to use as the auto-tap solution. You can either disable auto-tap or manually select mana sources before casting the card if you wish to use a different solution.

Storm Herald

  • Storm Herald and some other similar effects in Theros Beyond Death may allow you to put multiple Auras onto the battlefield at once.
  • You must choose what each Aura will be attached to before any enter the battlefield, but as you are making choices you can mouse over Auras you’ve previously made choices for to see what they will be attached to.

Whirlwind Denial

  • If your opponent attempts to shut you down with this unique counterspell, you will be prompted to pay one spell/ability at a time, and the spell/ability you are paying for will be highlighted on the stack.
    • Remember, for very large stacks you can click the examine icon above the stack to browse the entire stack.



  • New cards are now called out in your collection. Players will see a “New” tag on any cards that were added to their collection this session.
    • Closing the game will automatically remove these tags.
    • Mousing over will also remove the tags.
  • New cards will automatically display first when viewing your collection.
  • The first time you open a specific card in a booster pack will now display a “First” tag
    • This will only appear for the first copy of a card that is added to your collection.
    • Additional copies of cards will still receive the “New” tag when viewing your collection.

Please Note: “New” and “First” tags will not appear during Limited events (Sealed, Draft). Players will only see the “New” tags once they have reached the deckbuilding portion of the event (i.e. you will not see new cards in your collection if you check while you are mid-draft).


34414d14dcaa5be706dd21d63778fc4607ed931cPlayers can favorite decks! These decks will always be sorted first on any menu where decks are available.

  • Favoriting works aside other deck sorting options. For example, if you have favorite decks and then you sort alphabetically, your favorite decks will be sorted alphabetically followed by the other decks in your collection.
  • There is no limited to the number of decks you can favorite (… though favoriting all of you decks might defeat the purpose of this feature).
  • Enchantments which are not on the controller’s side of the battlefield (e.g. Pacifism on an opponent’s creature) now have a hanger identifying their controller.
  • We’ve updated how Auras entering the battlefield without being cast (such as returning from the graveyard) are displayed.
  • Identical triggers will no longer stack if players have their triggers set to manual.
  • Updated the browser when choosing between two piles to make it easier to understand.
  • Full control will now automatically disable auto-tap while it’s being used.
  • When paying a cost that involves multiple non-mana costs, exiling a card from the graveyard is now always paid last.
  • We’ve improved and added additional logic for holding priority, particularly around board states where cards are changing zones.
    • Developer’s Note: With a mechanic like “escape” we wanted to make sure the game didn’t automatically pass priority after paying one cost that would allow you to pay some other non-mana cost once the first action finished resolving (such as after discarding cards to Thrill of Possibility, and as a result having enough cards in you graveyard once Thrill of Possibility resolves to then pay the escape cost of some other permanent). The improvements to logic (and ensuring that exiling cards is the last step in the paying the escape cost) should ensure the game holds priority in most cases.
  • Added a new visual effect (VFX) for cards that will be automatically sacrificed at the end of turn.
    • Developer’s Note: . . . most cards. There may be some edge cases where this effect does not appear.
  • Reworked how we display details while cards are on the stack. When multiple card types are stacked, we do a better job of showing their relationships.
  • We’ve adjusted the size of how cards are displayed during certain contexts to prevent issues with overlapping.
    • For example, when selecting cards from your graveyard, the fanned cards should no longer overlap with your lands on the battlefield.
  • Cards in hand will now always show the cost as modified by other effects or abilities (previously, you would have to mouse over to see the current cost)
  • Token copies of creatures that require a choice before they enter the battlefield now display a copy of that creature while you’re choosing so you know what you’re doing.


  • This option is disabled by default.
  • It can only be enabled/disabled during matches.
  • Disabling alternate artwork will disable it everywhere – even when viewing card styles in your own collection.


  • January 16–February 9: Sealed: Theros Beyond Death
  • January 16–February 13: Brawlers’ Guildhall
  • January 16–April 16: Traditional Draft: Theros Beyond Death
  • January 24–27: Standard Metagame Challenge
  • January 31–February 14: Ranked Draft: Theros Beyond Death
  • February 2–February 5: Theros Beyond Death Set Constructed
  • February 9–12: Standard Treasure

For a full list of current and upcoming events, please refer to the event calendar on our webpage.


Brawlers’ Guildhall

  • The month long “Brawlidays” event returns, now known as the Brawlers’ Guildhall.
  • This month will feature Talrand, Sky Summoner as a reward for the first win.
    • Talrand will be playable as either your Commander in Brawl or for Historic Play – it is not legal in Standard.
    • Players can redeem rare wildcards to craft additional copies of Talrand, Sky Summer.
  • The Wednesday Brawl play queue will continue to be available to all players.

Standard Treasure

Theros Constructed

  • Build a constructed deck using cards only available in Theros Beyond Death!
  • If a card appears in sets other than Theros Beyond Death (e.g. Field of Ruin) you can choose either version of the card to use.

New Events – Historic Constructed/Historic Traditional Constructed

  • Historic Event and Traditional Historic Event are now available!
  • These events will follow the same entry fee and prize structure as the Standard and Traditional Standard Event.



Theros Beyond Death is now available for purchase! Grab booster packs, cosmetics, and the Set Mastery Pass to start your escape from the Underworld!

Epic Enchantment Bundle

Contains Card Styles: Bronzehide Lion,Setessan Champion, Archon of Sun’s Grace, Alseid of Life’s Bounty

Cost: 1600 Gems

Escapist Bundle

Contains Card Styles: Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger, Cling to Dust, Woe Strider, Fruit of Tizerus

Cost: 1200 Gems

Card Style Sales

Card Styles Now Available For Purchase (Through the Deckbuilder)



  • Elspeth Play Pre-order Bundle
  • Ashiok Pack Pre-order Bundle
  • Adventure Abound Bundle
  • Animated Armory Bundle
  • Court Knights Bundle
  • Familiar Faces Bundle
  • Aggressive Negotiations
  • Uncovered Artifacts Bundle
  • Standard 2020 Rotation Bundle
  • Throne of Eldraine Mastery Pass



  • The client should no longer “hang” when during best-of-three matches when recovering from network related issues (e.g. disconnects)


  • We’ve cleaned up the repositioning and resizing of cards tucked under enchantments and artifacts when they were shrunk down due to having many cards in play.
  • Planeswalkers being cast with an alternate cost now show their Loyalty Ability icons on the second choice in the cost selection browser.
  • When choosing to cast a planeswalker card through an alternate casting ability (e.g. Fires of Invention), the planeswalker card now correctly shows its loyalty abilities while in the casting browser.
  • Permanents that have an extremely large number of +1/1 counters on them no longer incorrectly display a higher number before returning to the correct value when additional +1/1 counters are placed on it.
  • Improved the re-positioning and resizing of cards located beneath Enchantments and Artifacts when the are scaled down due to a large number of cards in play
  • Exiled cards that are castable are now highlighted to show they can be played.
  • Creatures with first strike no longer animate a second time for regular damage if the the only blocker has 0 power.
  • Planeswalkers that have become an enchantment in addition to their other card types now display their Loyalty while located in the Enchantment row.
  • Exiled cards which are castable are now highlighted.
  • Planeswalkers that have been turned into enchantments (possibly after having been turned into creatures) now display their Loyalty in the Enchantment row.
  • Shifting Ceratop’s ability now only grays out abilities the creature already has.
  • Commanders that are placed into your library no longer lose their Commander designation.
  • Sarkhan the Masterless no longer leaves your other Planeswalkers as dragons forever if he is removed from the battlefield before the end of your turn.
  • Players won’t become stuck in the Mulligan browser if they choose to take a mulligan as their timer runs out.
  • Canceling an option choice while an ability is on the stack no longer causes the sound effect to loop indefinitely.
  • Players no longer receive a soft lock if they uncheck “Resolve All” while the stack is resolving if Full Control is also enabled.
  • Revealing Sphinx of Foresight no longer incorrectly shows and additional copy in hand.
  • Various fixes to visual effects and graphics (misplaced card names or mana costs, card clipping, etc.)



  • Embodiment of Agonies will not show a count of the different mana costs among nonland cards in your graveyard if you attempt to cast it from somewhere other than your hand (i.e. if exiled through Vivien, Champion of the Wild’s -2 ability).
  • Nightmare Shepherd’s triggered ability may not display the last known information if you hover the trigger while it is on the stack.


  • The escape badge is always highlighted while the card is in your graveyard.
    • This badge should only be highlighted if the card is in your graveyard and you can cast it by its escape cost.
  • The visual effects of planewalkers may display the incorrect color identity.
  • Adventures that have their cost modified will not display the cost modified reminder hanger.
  • While on the Theros Beyond Death battlefield, your opponent’s pet always face the battlefield instead of facing your opponent (…curiosity killed the elemental cat?)
  • Challenge another player to a Tournament Match using Direct Challenge does not use the esports battlefield.
  • New accounts will see the banned card announcement after completing the tutorial.
  • Rank icons are displayed while completing the new player tutorial.


Source: JAN 16 – 1.04.00 Patch Notes

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