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There has been some issues with black screens and frequent disconnects with the MTG Arena client after this morning’s 1.04.00 game update. The hotfix is now available that addresses these issues and you must restart your client to download the patch and to continue matchmaking. Matches in progress will not be affected.


  • Addressed an issue that was causing an increase in network errors
    • This should resolve the increased frequency of disconnects for most players, however we are continuing to monitor the situation.
    • For any issues related to network errors, please contact customer support for further assistance.
  • Players should no longer experience a “black” screen when launching the game or entering the packs scene.


  • Some players do not have access to the Theros Beyond Death basic lands.
    • NOTE: This is reference to the normal basic lands. We’ll have more information on how all players can obtain the full-art Nyx basic lands and other showcase card styles in a future update.

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MTG Arena Zone Premium
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