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A brief maintenance was held to implement some client bug fixes, as players were grinding out their last wins on the ladder just before the start of the October ranked season. There are other bugs to address still, such as the visual bug showing rank losses in unranked games and the white card numbers in the deck builder. Game director Jay Parker has addressed that they are aware of these issues on reddit, and this update was pushed out to fix the asset error bug which was causing excessively slow game loading time for many players.

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  • Players should no longer see “Asset error occurred during last session” inappropriately when launching MTG Arena.
  • Text emotes should no longer display smaller than expected.
  • Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath should now be listed as banned on relevant in-game event pages (e.g. Friday Night Magic at Home Standard events).


  • Players are unable to purchase the Rise of the Eldrazi basic lands bundle using Gems if they had previously acquired some of the lands.

Source: SEP 30 – Patch Notes

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