MTG Arena Patch Notes Patch Notes – Kaladesh Remastered Game Update

Check out the full detailed patch notes for MTG Arena’s November 2020 Kaladesh Remastered update below. We have new cards in Historic, as well as the event schedule for November, new bundles in the store and the usual bug fixes.

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Be sure to check out our main Kaladesh Remastered hub, where you will be able to see all the information regarding this set in one place including the complete card list, news, guides, decks and more!


  • Kaladesh and Aether Revolt return in Kaladesh Remastered! Journey once again to the plane of inventions and build out your Historic collection!
    • Kaladesh Remasterd boosters are available for purchase in our Store, or by participating in Kaladesh Remastered Limited events!
  • “Red/Blue/Clear Booster” Basic Land Bundles are now available! These basic lands feature gorgeous art from the Asia Pacific region of our world.
  • Reworked many of the Color Challenges levels that were either confusing or did not have enough paths to victory.


  • Kaladesh Remastered is now available! Check out the full card image gallery right over here!.
  • Purchase packs in the Store, craft cards using Wildcards, or participate in Kaladesh Remastered limited events.
    • Please Note: Kaladesh Remastered is a Historic set.


  • Sealed: November 12–19
  • Traditional Draft: November 12–19
  • Premier Draft: November 12–December 18
  • Draft Challenge: November 28–December 1

Full event schedule is available below.



  • Optimized how we send information about persistent annotations (mostly so Scute Swarm is less likely to break things).
    • P.S. It’s okay to stop making tokens.
  • Cards that exile other cards while they’re on the battlefield now more consistently show the exiled card tucked underneath.



  • Removed unintentional 8-second delay after finishing a match.
  • Rank change no longer incorrectly displays after some unranked matches.
    • Developer Note: This was a visual bug! Your rank did not adjust based on unranked match results.
  • Call and response (Nice/Thanks, Oops/Sorry) emotes are working again.
    • Nice? Nice!
  • The Phyrexian Swamp is once again compleat.
  • Commander names should no longer display oversized and block cards.
  • Mana symbols are now correctly vertically aligned correctly the deck builder.
  • Karn, Scion of Urza no longer allowes players to return exiled cards to their hand without silver counters.
  • Rankle, Master of Prank’s trigger now shows all chosen abilities again, instead of just the one in progress.
  • Nimble Trapfinder’s ‘Can’t be blocked’ ability now correctly triggers when a party member enters the battlefield from somewhere other than the hand.

Additional bug fixes are available below.



  • November 13 – November 27: Throne of Eldraine
  • November 28 – December 11: Zendikar Rising
  • December 11 – December 25: Ikoira: Lair of Behemoths


  • November 13: Play Anything
  • November 20: Historic
  • November 27: Historic Artisan
  • December 4: Mastermind


  • November 20 – November 26: Historic Brawl Fest
  • December 12 – December 13: Arena Open – Historic Constructed




Kaladesh Remastered Basic Land Bundle

Get all 15 of Kaladesh Remastered’s Basic Lands

Cost: 0 Gems or 0 Gold

Developer’s Note: As we mentioned in the State of the Game, this was one of the lessons we learned from the Zendikar Rising renewal gift. Having an automatic grant to all players upon login that requires them to click “more” to see all of it doesn’t play nicely with our client or our servers.

  • These lands will be available for all players into the foreseeable future; we have no plans to remove them at this time.
  • You will not be required to enter payment information to redeem these.

Kaladesh Invention Style Bundle

Cost: 4,000 Gems or 20,000 Gold

Land Bundles

“Red Booster” Land Bundle

  • Plains – Ron Spears
  • Island – Edward P. Beard Jr.
  • Swamp – Edward P. Beard Jr.
  • Mountain – Heather Hudson
  • Forest – Pete Venters

Cost: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

“Blue Booster” Land Bundle

  • Plains – Colin MacNeil
  • Island – Bob Eggleton
  • Swamp – Ron Spears
  • Mountain – Rebecca Guay
  • Forest – Christopher Rush

Cost: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

“Clear Booster” Land Bundle

  • Plains – Rebecca Guay
  • Island – Rob Alexander
  • Swamp – Ron Spears
  • Mountain – Edward P. Beard Jr.
  • Forest – Edward P. Beard Jr.

Cost: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Card Styles

Now available for purchase (through the Deckbuilder):

Depth Art:


  • Euro Land Bundle 1
  • Euro Land Bundle 2
  • Euro Land Bundle 3


  • Cycling a land no longer causes it to briefly appear with the wrong card frame.
  • Creatures that had both “doesn’t untap” and were phased out didn’t show VFX for either. Now they show both!
  • Fixed an issue where copying a creature with multiple creatures mutated onto it, then bouncing the copy would show a blank card going back to the hand. It wasn’t really there.
  • MDFCs with the Gingerbread sleeve no longer show her little face when they show the back
    • . . . though we thought it was cute.
  • Tuck in! We tightened up some empty space in the deck select menu
  • Fixed the wrong pet sometimes shown up in the reward screen for the battlepass.
  • VFX for Power & Toughness changes are now better synched.
  • Fixed an issue where ability tiles would show up spaced out instead of being lined up close together.
  • The Social menu button should no longer occasionally disappear.

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