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Standard Shakeup Event Reward Hotfix: New Standard Shakeup Rewards and Traditional Arena Cube Extended

Today at 3 PM PST, MTG Arena will be undergoing maintenance to deploy the hotfix that addresses the Standard Shakeup and Traditional Arena Cube events.

Standard Shakeup Rewards Refreshed

The Standard Shakeup event’s reward description showed that players could receive a sleeve, avatar or a pet. However, players were reporting that they were also getting card styles and even worse, cosmetics that they already had in their collection! After this update, the event will be refreshed and players will be able to enter (for free) again for another chance at a cosmetic that they do not have.

If you have not participated in the event yet, grab a decklist from the guide linked above and be sure to claim the reward (just one win required) before the maintenance time!

Traditional Arena Cube Extended

In this round of Arena Cube draft events, players are given the opportunity to show off their skills in either best-of-one or best-of-three format. The Traditional (BO3) version has already ended on December 20, earlier than the BO1 event. After this update, the event will be back on the client until December 27, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST due to players’ demand!

Likewise, the next Tinkerer’s Arena Cube Draft coming on January, 2021 will also match the extended length.

Full patch notes are now available:

DEC 21 – Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Standard Shakeup rewards are now duplicate protected.


  • In order to implement the bug fix for the Standard Shakeup event rewards, the event has been restarted. Players who had previously entered this event can rejoin to earn a duplicate protected reward (this event has no entry fee).
  • Traditional Arena Cube Draft dates have been extended. The event will now run until December 27.
  • The Traditional Tinker’s Cube Draft dates have been extended. The event will now run January 15 – 28.

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