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2021.04 Patch Notes - Strixhaven Game Update

2021.04 Patch Notes – Strixhaven Game Update

Today’s major patch releases the Strixhaven: School of Mages expansion and the accompanying Mystical Archive, injecting over 300 cards to the game! Remember to claim your three free packs by using the code PlayStrixhaven in the in-game store (click here for more free codes and how to redeem them).

Remember to check out our patch day guide, and the official notes below for all the details!

Known Issues

APR 15 – 2021.04 Patch Notes


  • The new Strixhaven: School of Mages set is released! See our most-recentState of the Game for full details.
  • You can now browse your sideboard mid-match


  • Adjusted pet locations on mobile for better card visibility; they now count as part of the “creature row” and will slide with it
  • Fixed a bug on mobile that could cause the “Pass Priority” button to be non-functional
  • Fixed a bug where Planeswalkers exiled by Banishing Light returning to the battlefield would have double their starting loyalty.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures with modal choice fight abilities were fighting twice if you had another creature with a similar ability in hand.
  • Creatures that have gained an ability, then lost that ability were still showing VFX associated with the gained ability, even though it wasn’t in effect. The client now displays this creatures correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with social where players were showing as offline even when online.
  • Fixed various issues happening when reconnecting during sideboarding.
  • Fixed visual only issue where the HA4 bundle showed 1x instead of 4x in the details view.
  • Targeting a Kelpie Guide with another Kelpie Guide adds no time to your timer. We see you.
  • Channel, a card that is banned in almost every format, works correctly with Autotap.
  • Updated oracle text for “Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery” to a much pithier template.
  • Cards that browse a subset of cards in exile now do a better job of only showing relevant cards.
  • You can now toggle Full Control on while in a browser.
  • Clue tokens were showing a Modified Cost hanger, and didn’t have soft confirm. Both issues have been addressed.
  • Players can now choose the color of the second mana produced when a land is enchanted by both Lithoform Blight and Glittering Frost.
  • Inspiring Statuary now correctly highlights cards in hand if they can be cast with Improvise, but not with mana.
  • Opponent emotes for lands with ETB choices once again play as the land is animating down to the battlefield, instead of entirely before it’s played.
  • Fixed various issues related to 4×3 screen resolution and assets.
  • Fixed an issue where players with As Foretold in play were able to cast cards exiled by Gonti, Lord of Luxury as if they were foretold.
  • Fixed an issue with the orientation of your opponents cards when exiling them from Graveyard.
  • Fixed issue in social where blocking a user would not remove you from their friends list.
  • Fixed Korean Won currency character.
  • Enabled tooltips on mobile.


  • Strixhaven introduces some significant new Oracle updates, largely around changing “Converted Mana Cost” to “Mana Value” and shortening most instances of “shuffle your library” to “shuffle”.
  • Enabled in-game shadows for some mobile devices.
  • There are some updates to how autotap uses hypothetical action costs that should make it more likely to leave up mana for more future actions.
  • Sideboard updates
    • Secretly the best new feature: Click on your library, and choose Sideboard to browse your sideboard during the match.
    • You can now freely browse your sideboard at any time during a match.
  • Cards in Phyrexian
    • When a card style shows a language other than your localized language (again, think Phyrexian), right clicking by default shows it in your localized language, but if you choose Printed Card, you’ll see it as printed.
    • If a card style puts a card in a language other than what the client has set (say Phyrexian) your opponent’s copies now show up localized in revealed windows.
    • Smart stops are a little confused about Phyrexian mana, and will give you stops even when Yasharn is out, or you have too little life to pay with life. You won’t be able to pay for it with life, but you’ll get a highlight and a stop as though you could.
  • Self-animating non-creature permanents now display summoning sickness, so you can easily tell which of your Crawling Barrens entered the Battlefield this turn and won’t be able to attack, even if you animate it. If you’re animating permanents some other way, and it doesn’t give them haste, look for a hanger indicating that they entered the battlefield this turn.
  • We’ve added a smart stop around cards like Jaspera Sentinel being able to tap one of your creatures in cases where something else would trigger when that creature is tapped.
  • We no longer autotarget modal triggered abilities, to give players an extra chance to back out and change the mode.


  • With Strixhaven comes a new rule for sideboards. Best of 1 sideboards have a max of 7 cards, while Best of 3 sideboards stay the same. Any format (like Commander or Limited) that has a different sideboard rule stays the same.
  • The deckbuilder UI has been changed to better enable players to curate a 7 card sideboard and a 15 card sideboard in the same deck.
    • All cards in the sideboard are stacks of 1, for ease of selection and switching.
    • When over 7 cards in a sideboard, a divider will be present.
    • Players can move cards back and forth between the 7 card and 15 card sections by clicking the arrow icon to swap places with another card.
  • Deck import and export will preserve the first 7 cards listed to the best of 1 sideboard. No changes are required from the external deck formats.


  • Mystic Archive cards and STX lessons can be additional rares inside a pack.
  • Sealed pack opening will now show a mix of the standard 6 rares, Mystic Archive rares, and STX lesson rares.
  • Sealed pack opening will also inform players how many rares they opened in a pack.
  • Pack opening in the Packs tab will present a random rare from the rares opened in a pack.


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Strixhaven has arrived! New packs, bundles, card styles, and Set Mastery await, along with the mysterious Mystical Archive!


Strixhaven Stickers Bundle

Cost: 1,000 Gems or 5,000 Gold

Mila Bundle

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Strixhaven Borderless Planeswalkers Bundle

Cost: 1,280 Gems or 6,400 Gold

Borderless Founder Dragons Bundle

Cost: 1,000 Gems or 5,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: White

Cost: 2,000 Gems or 10,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Blue

Cost: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Black

Cost: 2,000 Gems or 10,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Red

Cost: 2,400 Gems or 12,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Green

Cost: 1,800 Gems or 9,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Forbidden volumes

Contains Mystical Archive styles that are banned in Historic!

Cost: 480 Gems or 2,400 Gold


Now available in the Store:

  • Mila, Crafty Companion

Card Styles

Now available for purchase through the Deckbuilder:

Depth Art:


Iroas, God of Victory Art


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