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Sharp-Eyed Rookie MtG Art from Murders at Karlov Manor by Jake Murray

2023.34.0 Patch Notes – Murders at Karlov Manor Update

What's new in the latest update of MTG Arena.

Murders at Karlov Manor has now been released! Check out the full patch notes below.

Game Update Highlights

  • Murders at Karlov Manor has released! Join the hunt with Alquist Proft and discover new booster packs in the store, new Mastery Pass (with MOLE DETECTIVES), and new limited modes featuring the new Play Boosters
  • With Murders at Karlov Manor, MKM Limited packs on MTG Arena will include the new features of Play Boosters. Play Boosters have cards from The ListSpecial Guests, and a new variable rarity card slot.
    • You can read more about Play Boosters here, and some Arena-specific notes here.
    • Please Note: 8-card boosters purchased from the store do not contain cards from The List and Special Guests.

Notable Bug Updates

  • We have fixed multiple visual issues introduced by our recent backend update
    • The ukiyo-e lands from NEO have their symbols back
    • The Koi pet is rendering properly again
    • The showcase Mountain from M21 no longer has visual artifacts
    • Kaldheim’s knotwork styles have legible power & toughness again
    • And several more fixes. We will continue to focus on fixing any remaining visual issues in future builds
  • Fixed an issue where certain JP, STA, and Yargle card styles were unable to be added to your sideboard.
  • The phantom card or cards in hand after an opponent cancels the casting of a card that was on the stack via Discover has been fixed.
    •  If you’re like “why didn’t they fix the bug where it reveals their hand” we did, this is that bug. It wasn’t really revealing their hand.


  • When using Tishana's Tidebinder to counter an ability, mousing over the card now shows a line connecting it to the creature whose ability is being countered.
  • Timeless is now an option in the format filter on the Decks scene.
  • Special Guest cards now have a set filter in the Deckbuilder filters scene.
    • The set code for these cards is SPG.
  • When entering events where boosters can reward styles from bonus sheet printings (e.g. MOM Sealed Events), the card styles will be pre-applied to the cards upon navigating to the Deckbuilder.
  • Updated the “Apply Styles” button to prioritize the player’s preferred styles over all other styles they own. If the player does not have a preferred style, it will apply styles you own in a consistent way.
  • Removed the “Restore Purchases” button on iOS as all our purchases are consumable and wouldn’t properly be restored through the intended flow. For issues surrounding purchases, please reach out to our Customer Support.


  • The MKM Special Guest card, Show and Tell, is now banned in the Historic format.


Now Available


  • Impossible Lands Bundle
    • 2,500 Gems
    • 12,500 Gold
  • Sticker Bundle
    • 800 Gems
    • 4,000 Gold
  • Borderless Dual Lands
    • 3,000 Gems
    • 15,000 Gold
  • Borderless Heroes
    • 700 Gems
    • 3,500 Gold
  • Unusual Suspects
    • 1,400 Gems
    • 7,000 Gold
  • Masters of Deduction
    • 1,400 Gems
    • 7,000 Gold
  • Deadly Dangers
    • 1,600 Gems
    • 8,000 Gold
  • Streets Ahead
    • 1,400 Gems
    • 7,000 Gold
  • Rogues’ Gallery
    • 1,600 Gems
    • 8,000 Gold
  • There’s Been a Murder!
    • 700 Gems
    • 3,500 Gold
  • Uncover the Truth
    • 900 Gems
    • 4,500 Gold
  • Climactic Confrontation
    • 900 Gems
    • 4,500 Gold

Bug Fixes


  • The Folded Koi companion has unfolded enough to be once again visible.
  • Oko, the Trickster (a card from Commander decks) will correctly no appear through Thrones of Eldraine mythic pack duplicate protection.
  • When navigating to the Profile screen, Sparky will no longer repeat how all the information on the screen is organized.
  • Wastes and Snow-covered lands are no longer able to be played in Standard decks.
  • Tapping on the Jump-In Quests will now direct the player to the active Jump-In event, even if multiple events are running.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some styles to not be usable on rebalanced cards
  • Fixed a bug that caused the NEO Tanuki stickers to be incredibly large when hovered
  • Fixed an issue where touchscreen devices were not accepting touch input.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wildcards menu so it’s appearing as intended on mobile and desktop alike.


  • If a player had Golos; The World Tree; 4x Castle Garenbrig; Nykthos; Hanweir Battlements; Lair of the Hydra; Sunken Citadel; and some number of basic lands, Autotap decided to give you the wheel while it took a little nap. Autotap is now more resilient than before in this scenario.
  • Cards with unusual frames (Adventures, split cards, Prototype, etc.) were displaying incorrectly when in a “Select Card to Cast” browser. Fixed.
  • Previously, when using Z to undo a Cryptex activation, you had to View Battlefield to move back to fully undoing it. This is no longer the case, and you can hit Z inside the browser.
  • Having Sandswirl Wanderglyph and Trove of Temptation in play with a Battle was not allowing players to successfully back out a failed Attack All and submit legal attackers (if one exists).
    • We know one of you played this combination of things, and we’re curious why.
  • The end of turn stop for Millennium Calendar was a little overzealous, and was happening simply due to having the card in your library. It now waits its turn.
  • Twining Twins (not Twinning Twins, that’s not a card) when played as an adventure and granted rebound then cast from exile was putting the Twins into play when that second cast resolved, which it ought not have done.
  • Do you like using Tomb of Aclazotz? Sure, we all do. But what do you do when that mini-CDC never goes away? If you’re me, you have your team fix the bug! Finally, I can make Vampires without all that noise noise noise noise.
  • Fixed a bug where having multiple Forgotten Monument and tapping a cave using the “pay 1 life” ability could result in a crash
  • The Show Mutations button wasn’t appearing on face-down creatures that had something mutated under them.
    • You still shouldn’t do it though, it’s a really bad choice.
  • Fixed an issue where exiling a Slogurk with Agatha’s Soul Cauldron caused the activated ability of other Slogurks to cost 6 +1/+1 counters instead of 3.

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