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CFB Clash Championship – Standard Decklists and Metagame

CFB Clash Championship is a tournament organized by Channel Fireball. It is a 64-player two-day event played out in Standard format – a culmination of a series of Qualifier weekends leading to the main championship event.

On this page, you can find the metagame stats for the tournament and its 32 best-performed decks.


The meta has seen a massive shift towards the Mono-Green Food deck, which has a very favorable matchup against Gruul Adventures, the frontrunner of the Standard in the recent weeks. Thanks to Wicked Wolf, Trail of Crumbs, and Feasting Troll King, the Food deck has the ability to control the pace and out-grind Adventures with ease.

It was the Temur Ramp deck that performed the best though – and it is largely due to the fact that it can go over the top in that very popular Mono-Green Food matchup. With Genesis Ultimatum and Terror of the Peaks + Beanstalk Giant combo, it doesn’t take long to Temur Ramp to close out games either.

Check out the stats breakdown for the weekend (Source):

ArchetypesDecks% of the FieldWinrate %
Mono-Green Food1625.3968%52.6316%
Temur Ramp914.2857%55.8824%
Gruul Adventures812.6984%38.8889%
Dimir Control711.1111%54.8387%
Dimir Rogues711.1111%54.8387%
Esper Doom69.5238%51.8519%
Rakdos Ramp23.1746%37.5%


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